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Over 55 million Americans are 65 or older, so there’s a good chance your parents are in this age range.

While they might seem pretty healthy now, it’s necessary to think about senior living options. It’s great if they’re still fit, but they still might fare better in a senior living setting. They’ll have people their own age to be around, after all.

There are different types of senior living communities available though. And not every senior will be a good fit.

So read on to find out the differences between assisted vs independent living.

Assisted Living

Have you noticed that your parents need a little bit of help with daily chores? Is it taking a lot of energy for them to groom and bathe themselves? Then assisted living can be ideal.

Your elderly parents will live in their own apartment, which means they maintain a sense of independence.

However, they’ll receive much-needed care from staff with things like grooming, bathing, and dressing. They can also get help with taking medications, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. While some apartments have mini-kitchens, most assisted living communities have restaurant-style dining.

This makes assisted living great for seniors who want independence and privacy but need a small helping hand.

Independent Living

Independent living is exactly what it sounds like: seniors go about their lives, living in private apartments with little to no outside help.

The appeal of independent living is your parents will get to live among other seniors, and the community will have plenty of activities to keep them busy. They’ll also get services like housekeeping, landscaping, laundry, meals, and transportation.

Assisted vs Independent Living: The Key Differences

If your loved ones aren’t in the best of health, but don’t require 24-hour care, then assisted living can be the better option. Otherwise, if your parents are pretty healthy and active, independent living can be ideal. It’s excellent for seniors who want to make new friends and participate in fun activities.

Assisted living communities tend to have more compact community designs for ease of travel. So if your parents like their space and don’t mind amenities that are more spread out, then independent living can be good for them.

Because assisted living requires more intensive services from staff, expect it to cost more than independent living. But of course, there are various types for each. So it’s possible to find a modest assisted living facility that costs less than a more lavish independent living one.

Pick the Right Types of Senior Living for Your Loved One

Regarding assisted vs independent living, there’s no one right answer. Instead, sit down with your parents to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Come up with a list of places to tour, then decide which they like best. From there, you can make a decision they’ll be 100% happy and comfortable with.

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