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8% of adults experience chronic back pain. However, it’s important to realize that not all back pain is the same.

There are many different types of back pain and everyone experiences back pain in a different way. If you’re living with back pain, it’s important to understand the different types so that you can choose your back pain treatment accordingly.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this informative guide, we’ll tell you about the many different types of back pain.

Flexion Dominant Back Pain

Flexion dominant back pain is a type of back pain that relates to disc problems. These problems are typically easy to diagnose and there are common symptoms that are easy to identify.

Symptoms of this type of back pain might include pain that occurs when bending down, sitting, or lifting heavy objects. Sufferers may feel tingling and numbness as well as weakness in the legs.

Symptoms of flexion dominant back pain may improve after spending some time jogging or walking. Seeing a chiropractor can also help with getting rid of back pain. You might want to learn more about Brandon Chiropractic Associates if you’re in Brandon, FL.

Extension Dominant Back Pain

Extension dominant back pain is a type of back pain that is felt most deeply in the joints located at the back of the spine. This type of back pain is characterized by a stiff back and localized spinal pain. You may feel the most intense pain after you have been playing sports or have been physically active.

You may experience this type of back pain after standing for long periods of time, but may experience some relief after you sit or bend over.

Neurogenic Claudication

Neurogenic claudication is a specific type of extension dominant back pain in which you may experience pain and numbness when walking or standing but not when sitting. You may also experience leg weakness after you’ve walked for a considerable amount of time.

This type of pain affects the elderly and is related to the compression of nerves. It can have a big impact on the length of time you’re able to walk at a time.

Inflammatory Back Pain

Often misdiagnosed, some people also experience inflammatory back pain. Inflammatory back pain is the result of inflammation which can cause the immune system to attack the spinal joints.

There are many different conditions and symptoms that are a result of inflammatory back pain. Someone with inflammatory back pain might experience pain that lasts for longer than 3 months. The onset of inflammatory back pain usually starts before 35 years of age.

Exercise and physical activity can help you reduce this type of back pain.

Understanding the Different Types of Back Pain

If you want to reduce your back pain, it’s important that you understand what the different types of back pain are. Understanding the type of pain you have can help you choose the right back pain treatment.

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