Ah, the nursery, a place where you’ll be spending quality time with your newborn every hour of the day. You want it to be comfy and cozy. You want it to be warm and welcoming. You want it to be unique and fun, while still being cute and dreamy.

While it’s important to get all the necessary items for the room, like a crib and a rocking chair, other pieces will really help space feel like a little haven for you and your child. And, of course, you want to pick pieces that will last you beyond the first year of their life.

Here are six ways to make your newest addition to the family a space that is all that and more.


Rugs really tie a room together and make spaces feel larger. Plus, they can be super cozy, which is perfect for when your newborn is taking their first steps or playing with their favorite toys.

Wall art

Wall decor may not be at the very top of the list of concerns for you, but decorating those walls really changes the ambience when you’re looking to make a homey space. To add something a little funky to the room, consider some dinosaur nursery art. Pieces like these strike the perfect balance between funky, cute, and stylish. And what kid wouldn’t want their first room to be decorated with dinosaur nursery art?

Books and a Nice Bookshelf

Reading to babies has proven to be an extremely beneficial practice, and you want to make sure you have plenty of material to entertain your baby with. Keeping all your book handy for those late night lullaby sessions will be a decision you’ll thank yourself for making later. Plus, having a bookshelf handy will be great for when your toddler wants to expand their book collection as they grow up and start reading on their own.

Dresser and Changing Station Combo

Keep all your necessities in one area while still looking chic. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but having such great convenience will prove its worth down the road.


No, not something that will pump out the Top 40. But having a nice device to play soothing music for your baby will really work to tie the room together and create a calming environment for you and baby.

Pick a Color Scheme – and Stick With It!

Keeping a color scheme really does the most for tying a room together. If you want all dinosaur items, then make sure that all the colors complement each other. If you want flowers and pastels, then make sure you steer clear from neon colors. You might want to consider using lily bulbs to avoid cluttering a room faster than pieces that just don’t go together. The last thing you want in your nursery is any feeling of chaos or disorder. You can avoid that by sticking with a color scheme.

Every nursery can be unique and different, yet still cozy and calming. By following these guidelines, your nursery space can be the perfect place for you and your baby to spend quality hours together.

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