Latest advancements to exercise for an oil spill clean up  Latest advancements to exercise for an oil spill clean up 

Oil spills are considered one of the most hazardous acts known to harm the environment. Spilling or leaking of oil from the containers into the environment has been affecting both land and water bodies. When such oil is leaked from the vessels, all the oil-borne contaminants mix with the air, thereby depleting its quality and causing diseases. The liquid, when mixed with the water, contaminates the water and affects human and marine life. 

Although many solutions have already been introduced to control and contain oil spills in all the large and small areas, experts are constantly trying to use more innovative technologies to treat the problem. 

You can rely on the oil spill control solutions and remedies offered by Adsorb-it. Besides this, the use of the below-listed latest advancements can also help you control the event to a great extent:

1. Clay sponges: 

Sponges in the kitchen are commonly used to clean up spills on the kitchen countertop. Similarly, the use of clay sponges can help in soaking up oil spills too. 

Clay sponges are not small in size. They are giant and can be used to draw out oil from contaminated water. The large size of these sponges doesn’t mean that they are heavy. On the contrary, they are lightweight and easy to handle. The oil so extracted can be recycled and reused. Clay sponges are created out of a freeze-dried combination of clay, air, and polymer. You can use this solution on plain surfaces, freshwater, and saltwater. 

2. Skimming vessels: 

You can use booms and skimmers to clean up the water surface and remove oil sheen. However, both these methods fail to work in the rough and windy seas. Skimming vessels come forth to your rescue and provide an effective solution to clean the oil spill. 

They are high in speed and can operate in higher waves and other problematic weather conditions. Some skimming boats can even function successfully in waves higher than 3 meters. These vehicles are lightweight and run faster. Their machine does not clog so easily. 

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3. Magnetic soap: 

Yes, you heard it right. The introduction of magnetic soap is considered to be one of the best solutions to clean oil leakages. 

A magnetic soap is an iron-rich salty soap. It reacts to magnetic forces when used in the water. The salt of the soap forms a magnetic core. When the force is applied, the core and the oil rise on the surface of the water. A magnetic soap doesn’t harm the water bodies even a bit. The new cleaning formula is earning accolades all over the world. 

4. Oil filtration machine: 

You can use an effective oil filtration machine to remove oil from the water bodies in large quantities. This exclusive device functions on the principle of centrifugation. Such technology separates clean water from oil. 

The oil so separated can be accumulated and reused. Many brands and manufacturers are constantly testing this technology to release their own version of an oil spill filtration machine. 

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5. Peat moss mixture: 

The increasing technology has also introduced an organic approach to clean the accumulation of oil on the land and water bodies. Peat moss mixture is one such solution. Today, it is gaining immense popularity throughout the world. 

Peat moss helps to absorb oil on the contact, thereby encapsulating the same. The water does not penetrate this substance; hence oil remains trapped in its crust. You can easily remove the accumulated liquid from the surface of the water.


The increasing innovation and technology have also opened the gates for many cost-effective and proven solutions to control oil spills on land and water bodies. The scientists and manufacturers keep researching on the solutions that can turn tables and save the environment. 

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