Step by Step Guide for Your Wedding Day

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming primarily because there is a lot you have to do. Wedding rings, dress, suit, venue, caterers, there’s a lot that you need to get right.

At your wedding, you have to make sure you have amazing food and cake for the guests. It’s one thing that most people look forward to at weddings. To have a flawless event, it would be better to catering for wedding parties Pleasanton CA, However, you have to evaluate their services before if you want your wedding to be splendid.

Additionally, you have to plan for your wedding so that it runs smoothly. For instance, if you order a dress two weeks before the wedding date, and find it oversized, you can ask the designer to resize it. However, if the designer of the dress is overseas, how will she resize it?

You have to plan accordingly, ensuring that you leave enough time to countercheck every detail of the wedding equipment and process. Here’s how you do it the right way.

Steps To Take When Preparing For a Wedding

  1. Start early

If you start planning when the wedding dates are almost approaching, you’ll rush when the date is nearer, which will lead to panicking. Therefore, start planning immediately when you decide on the wedding date. Make a checklist on which you’ll mark after completing a task. This checklist will help you identify what you’ve done or not. Also, making a list ensures you don’t forget anything, whether big or small.

Ideally, construct one master list and several sub-lists. For example, the master list may include the wedding date, venue, dress, catering services, and more. On the sub list, for example, venue, list the name of the site, place, decorating team, setting up a music band area, guest, family, etc.

  1. Shop for essentials

Order the wedding dress and suit in advance. If you’re gifting your bridesmaids’ dresses, you should order customized gowns of your choice and ensure they reflect the wedding theme. Order your shoes, rings, and any other accessory that is required. If you’re ordering your dresses and rings online, ensure you send the right measurements. Don’t assume your size; instead, let a local tailor take your measures.

  1. Book catering services

Caterers are typically busy through the week. So, it’s essential to book their services several months before your wedding day. So, if you live in Pleasanton, find a company offering catering for wedding parties in Pleasanton CA and ask for their quotes.

Ensure you schedule food tasting during your first meeting.

  1. Delegate some duties

Planning for a big day is overwhelming. Besides, some people are better at performing a specific task. So, delegate tasks accordingly to them.

  1. Countercheck whether everything is in order

Two weeks before the wedding, ensure everything is set. However, setting the wedding venue that early is impossible if other clients book the venue. However, you should check a day or two before the wedding day.

When you go with catering for wedding parties in Pleasanton CA you need to make sure of their availability.


Once you go through the above steps, you are ready for your “I do vows.” When you plan everything in time, your wedding day is relatively stress-free and more enjoyable. This is the perfect way to create best and everlasting memories.

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