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Realtors, CEOs, and other executives often have many different types of advisors helping them make business decisions. It might surprise you to learn that many of their teams include psychics.

Getting a psychic reading isn’t as strange as some people might think. But to get the most out of it, you should prepare ahead of time. Let’s look at some of the most important things to know about psychic readings.

Don’t Be Too Specific

It’s not a good idea to go into your reading with too much of an agenda. If you’re looking for answers to specific questions, you may be disappointed with the results.

A psychic reading isn’t like ordering off the menu at a drive-thru. Don’t expect to ask for the name of your future spouse or the winning numbers for next week’s lottery and get a useful answer. You’ll get answers you need, not necessarily the answers you want. Having an open mind will make the psychic’s job easier.

Let Your Psychic Be Your Guide

Let the psychic guide the reading. They’re the professional in this situation so let them do their job. They should do most of the talking so don’t try to fill in too many gaps without being asked. You wouldn’t go to the doctor for medical advice and spend the whole appointment telling them what your diagnosis is – don’t treat your psychic that way either.

This will also help you avoid psychic scams. Psychics who are out to scam you will be able to feed things you tell them back to you in a way that seems like it’s exactly what you want to know. Which it is, only it’s being reflected back from your own words.

Listen for Connections

A psychic reading isn’t necessarily going to give you a black and white message that will connect to a specific person or part of your life. Don’t expect the psychic to give you “code words” like your favorite song or your spouse’s mother’s name to confirm the truth of the information.

Instead, pay close attention to the messages they are sharing with you and look for connections. Often, these connections will be more of a feeling than an explicit message that somehow aligns with your life.

They might give you information that somehow aligns with feelings you’ve been having recently or something that just feels right. Pay attention to those feelings and “under the surface” vibrations. They’re a good sign that you’re hearing something you need to hear.

Psychic Reading vs Mediums

It’s important to understand the difference between a psychic and a medium so you can be sure you’re talking to the right person for the type of reading you want. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums.

A medium will help you connect with family or friends who have passed on. They’re able to make those connections but keep in mind that they may not be able to “dial up” the specific person you’re hoping to hear from. You could end up getting a message from that weird aunt that you never really liked instead of the person you were expecting.

If that happens, trust that it’s happening for a reason. The message you’re receiving is what you need to hear, even if it’s not always what you want to hear. Pay attention to it and think about how it might be important in your life at this particular time.

Rapport is Important

The rapport you have with your psychic is an important part of the reading, from both of your perspectives. If you don’t feel the connection, don’t be afraid to end the session early.

This could be a general feeling of not connecting with that particular psychic or it could be a more tangible problem. If the psychic is reflecting back things you’ve said to make it sound like it’s exactly what you wanted, that’s not a good sign.

And if they end the session with a cliffhanger that makes you have to keep coming back to get the whole picture, walk away. A good psychic won’t leave you hanging to get more business or keep raising the price for each subsequent session you need.

Review Your Expectations Ahead of Time

Before your reading, think about what it is you hope to get out of it. You don’t want to have too specific of an agenda but you also don’t want to go into the reading with a “tell me whatever’s important to me” attitude.

The psychic needs to know what you’re hoping to learn in general terms so they can ask the universe for the right information.

You might also realize you need another type of help when you sit down to think about your expectations. You might be in a situation that calls for counseling or some other type of professional help. Getting that help first could lead to a more helpful reading.

It’s Not Just You and the Psychic

Bear in mind that other people in the room can have an effect on the reading. If you bring friends or family with you to the reading, their energy is going to be part of the mix. The psychic will receive whatever messages are being relayed and those messages may not be entirely from your energy.

Keep this in mind if you’re using an online psychic service like this chatroom as well. If a friend or family member is sitting in the room with you, they can have an effect on the reading. At the very least, let the psychic know they’re with you so they can take that into account during the reading.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

Psychics can give you plenty of helpful information but the better prepared you are, the more valuable the psychic reading will be. Spend some time preparing before you sit down with the psychic. You’ll have a better idea of what you expect from the session and they’ll be able to give you more effective answers.

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