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While there are some great ways to stretch your budget when shopping for an engagement ring, there are things you should avoid, too. Let’s take a look.

#1 Don’t Over-Sacrifice on Colour

You don’t need to sacrifice heavily on the colour grade on the ring’s centre diamond. In fact, stay away from “Faint Yellows” with the colour “K.” A yellow setting tends to intensify the yellow hues of a diamond. But, you don’t have to choose the top colour grade, “D” either. While size and clarity are hard to tell from a distance, a yellow diamond is usually very obvious.

#2 Avoid Heavy Stones

Each diamond has a unique cut. While a high carat weight with a low price is tempting, chances are you’ll get a bottom-heavy or deep cut diamond. Rather opt for a slightly higher carat with a better cut and higher clarity and colour.

#3 Don’t Buy a Diamond Sight Unseen

Seeing a price list and diamond grading report is not a good way to figure out what the diamond actually looks like. In other words, never buy a diamond completely sight unseen. If you’re going to choose from the unique engagement rings collection online, ask to see a video of the diamond you are interested in or, at the very least, several photos of different angles of the diamond. You can also purchase from trusted jewellers such as Ringleaders.

#4 Don’t Only Concentrate on the Inclusion Diagram

You know that GIA certified diamonds come with a certificate and diamonds above one carat will have plots that show where the imperfections are on the diamond. Keep in mind that this doesn’t tell the whole story. You could get a diamond that is graded SI1 with a mere crystal, twinning wisps and a knot on the GIA certificate and the plot will visually show the lines and dots. You could also get a certificate filled with clouds that make the plot look completely clean. Overall, you should keep in mind that the visibility, colour and location of inclusions is almost impossible to determine only based on the certificate plot. Aim to get real time data.

#5 Don’t Skimp on Setting

One of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for an engagement ring is trying to save money on the setting in the hope that another jeweller will copy a design at a lower price. Attempting to replicate rings for less means lower quality diamonds and an overall lack of craftmanship. The results just won’t be the same.

#6 Be Wary of Interned Diamonds

Purchasing a diamond just because it’s cheap and looks good enough on paper is certain to fail to meet your expectations. A diamond is a lifetime investment and you want it to be something your partner will love for a lifetime. Diamond prices are usually market-based and very steady and if the quality is up to par with what’s on the certificate, there shouldn’t be huge jumps in price. So, if you come across a diamond that is listed thousands of dollars less than others of the same size and quality, chances are something is wrong that can’t be shown on the certificate, be it a poor material, milky appearance, or even inferior cut.

Keep these points in mind and you’re sure to find the right diamond ring at the right price for your budget.

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