Comments for nature pictures Comments for nature pictures

If you’re stunned by nature’s beauty and want to appreciate the photographers’ efforts to bring their pic to you, here are some genuine comments you can share. 

Whether you love seeing nature pictures on Instagram or coming across a few reels, you can’t resist the natural beauty of it. You want to write something that expresses your love for nature as well as to thank the photographer to take a perfect click for you. 

 Your comments or compliments on their work and pictures present how much you love such posts. And that you can’t just do with ‘Great picture’ and all. So, you need comments that feel genuine and truly compliment someone who brings that nature pic to you. 

Good Comments For Nature Picture

Good comments for nature picture

It might be a random natural picture on Instagram. But you’re happy that you get to show it, as this picture makes you feel more positive or it makes your day eventually. To express how much you enjoy their post about nature, here’s what you can comment on. 

  1. There can’t be any perfect day start than this. 
  2. With this picture you made my day already, so thanks!
  3. I like the view, what a pure beauty. 
  4. Your pictures are incredibly beautiful and stunning. 
  5. I can’t imagine this pic is of our earth.
  6. There’s no doubt that you got a perfect shot!
  7. Can I use this picture as my desktop wallpaper?
  8. You make me think of planning my next outdoor trip. 
  9. I feel like those mountains are calling me, and I must go. 
  10. What a breathtaking scenery! I love this pic. 
  11. That’s the real beauty. I’m so amazed at this pure nature.

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Best Comment On Nature Beauty

Best comment on nature beauty

Thanks to those pictures, you get to experience nature’s beauty in its purest form. You can’t thank enough the person who posted this picture. Maybe such a picture ignites your desire to go outdoors and set your next vacation, here is how you can compliment nature’s beauty on Instagram. 

  1. Such a stunning view this is. Nature at its best. 
  2. I want to see more of the natural beauty like this. 
  3. It’s more than beautiful because it’s pure, it’s nature. 
  4. Very beautiful picture this is. I’m just in love with it. 
  5. How can anyone ignore such beauty? Actually, no one.  
  6. Now I’m convinced that beauty has no boundaries.  
  7. I must say that nature’s beauty is irresistible. 
  8. Just can’t take my eyes off such natural beauty. 
  9. There’s always more to discover in nature, hence proved!
  10. I don’t have enough words to describe nature’s beauty.
  11. Thank you for helping me deciding my next travel spot.

Creative Comments On Nature Photography

Creative comments on nature photography

Only a photographer knows how much time it takes them to click that perfect shot. And especially for a natural photographer, there works and patience involved. You genuinely want to thank the photographer, and here are some compliments you can share.  

  1. You took this picture so greatly, I can’t appreciate it enough.
  2. Indeed, it’s nature’s beauty, but you get the perfect snap. 
  3. I like to say thanks for such a beautiful picture. 
  4. It might be just one picture, but I appreciate your efforts behind this.
  5. Everything about this picture is perfect, hats off to you. 
  6. Not sure if it’s nature’s beauty or your talent, but this picture is awesome. 
  7. I must say you have enjoyed the experience to take this click. 
  8. Thanks for bringing us this amazing nature pic. 
  9. What a beautiful present of nature. Glad you bring it to us. 
  10. Just can’t get over with the idea of how amazing the scenery was there. 

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Genuine Comments For Nature Videos

Genuine comments for nature videos

While scrolling on Instagram, you come across a beautiful natural video that just refreshes your entire mood. Seeing the greenery and outdoor visuals in the morning or any day, makes you feel relaxed. Take a look at some comments you can leave on Instagram videos about nature. 

  1. This video changed my entire mood, it makes me feel refreshed. 
  2. Creative video with the beauty of nature. What a great combo!
  3. You always amaze us with your natural posts, keep it up. 
  4. This is a pure work of art, I appreciate you as much as this post. 
  5. It’s the editing that makes this video feel more natural. 
  6. Oh nature, there’s so much beauty and originality. 
  7. This is going to be my next travel destination. 
  8. Nature heals everything, and I figured it out now. 
  9. What a great experience this is. I wait to be there. 
  10. This shows there’s a lot to explore in our beautiful world. 
  11. I can’t thank you enough for making such beauitful videos for us.

Instagram Comments For Nature Reels

While scrolling through the random reels, you often come across the natural reels that catch your attention. If you want to express your natural love or want something to say on this post, this list is for you. Here we share the comments you can leave on Instagram reels about nature. 

  1. The side of nature we never witness. 
  2. Mother nature! Why are you so beautiful?
  3. This is called the actual wonder of the world. 
  4. Nature what a precious gift to our planet. 
  5. Heaven on earth! Like if you agree!
  6. What a beauty and the beast our nature can be!
  7. Not a wildlife, but a wonderful life. 
  8. There can’t be a better getaway than this. 
  9. I want to visit this place, How can I?
  10. Your post makes me go to this beautiful place.

One Word Comments On Nature Pic

One word comments on nature pic

If you want nothing much to say, that’s fine. You can still express how you love those natural pictures with these one-word comments on Instagram. This is enough to leave your engaging comments on someone’s nature pics. 

  1. Beautiful
  2. Stunning
  3. Perfect
  4. Wild
  5. Outdoors
  6. Healing
  7. Refreshing
  8. Greenery
  9. Pure
  10. Gift
  11. Break-taking

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Final Thoughts

So, now you have all the best comments to share on nature’s pictures and videos you see on Instagram. As well as you have compliments to give a photographer who is behind such great pictures of nature. 

It takes time, effort, and a great amount of patience to bring that beautiful picture to you. And if your small words can make a photographer feel appreciated, you should do it. This way you show how much such pic made your day as well as thank someone for sharing such a nature picture in a genuine manner. 

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