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Did you know that 22 million Americans struggle with substance abuse?

Although battling addiction can feel like an isolating experience, you’re not alone. With the right treatment and mindset, you can find the strength to stay clean.

Do you want to know how you can make your journey to sobriety easier? Keep reading for 5 of the best tips for staying sober.

1. Start a Journal

Staying clean can be emotionally exhausting. With so many ups and downs, you may have a hard time coping without drugs or alcohol. This is why journaling is an important tool for your sobriety.

Not only is journaling therapeutic, but you’ll also be able to track your progress. Whenever you have a hard day, you can look back on older entries and see how far you’ve come.

2. Build a Supportive Network

Lots of people who want to learn how to get clean don’t understand how their relationships have a big impact on their success. In order to conquer your addiction, you need to have the right people behind you. This means you have to cut out toxic people who don’t support you or your journey.

If you’re afraid to lean on anyone you know, try going to a 12-step program or another type of meeting where you feel safe expressing yourself.

3. Consider Special Housing to Stay Clean

Depending on how severe your addiction is, you may need to take extra precautions to ensure you can stay clean. Sober living arrangements are designed to remove negative influences from your environment without taking away your freedom. With more structure and support in your life, you’ll be able to thrive.

You can see more here to learn about the benefits of sober housing arrangements.

4. Find a Hobby and Exercise You Enjoy

Finding healthy activities to occupy your time is crucial for your sobriety. Hobbies are a great way to enjoy yourself while exercising will work wonders for your physical and mental health. The key is to keep trying new things until you find activities you enjoy.

Yoga is a popular exercise that’s suited for newbies and experts alike. The combination of stretching, muscle toning, cardio, and meditation make it an effective coping mechanism for people who are trying to stay sober.

5. Avoid Your Triggers

There are a lot of reasons why people develop a dependency on drugs and alcohol. Understanding your own reasons will help you make the changes that are necessary to stay sober. This could involve removing people from your life, getting a new job, moving, or breaking bad habits.

Take some time to think about when you feel the urge most. Are you stressed, sad, bored, or angry? If you realize that there are any triggers that tempt you to relapse, do what you can to eliminate them.

Want More Tips For Staying Clean and Sober?

Learning how to stay sober is no easy feat, but these 5 tips will encourage you to succeed.

If you want more helpful tips, Trending Us has everything you need to stay clean. Check out our blog for more ways you can live a happier, healthier life.

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