In today’s world, it is quite common to come across people who can save a few coins here and there through couponing. However, what still baffles many people are extreme couponers who rack in hundreds of thousands in savings every year.  What is special about them? Does couponing blood run in their systems?

Frankly speaking, couponing is a game that can be mastered by anyone. Yes, even you. What differentiates the “masters” from the “casuals” is how well the former know the golden rules of the game. Just that, really? Well, and perhaps a few basics like commitment to couponing and stewardship of resources. Here are10 golden rules to find coupons and other discounts in every store.

1. Gather both printable and newspaper coupons

Collecting coupons is easier said than done. This is where many give up before they actually dip their feet in the water. Smart couponing demands the combined effort of collecting both printable and newspaper coupons. You already know that coupon sites allow only two printable copies per phone number. This means that if you really want to pay rock-bottom prices for products, get the newspaper coupons to supplement the internet coupons.

2. Utilize rebate apps

Rebate apps such as Checkout51, Ibotta, and MobiSave give information about weekly offers for common household goods you have already bought. Without clipping any coupon, you can have your account credited within 24 hours of adding qualifying products on the app.

3. Ask friends and family for extras

The third golden rule that successful couponers abide by is asking friends and family for extra coupons. Chances are, they often toss their old newspapers along with coupons in the garbage bin. Make regular rounds of picking them up.

4. Snoop around

Who said you have to actually buy the Sunday paper to get coupons? How about snooping around in your favorite coffee shop on a high-traffic restaurant with the intention of collecting tens of newspapers left behind by customers? Granted, this takes the highest level of guts and courage but it does pay off handsomely in the end.

5. Utilize the internet to the max

The internet remains the best friend for smart couponers. Look everywhere for coupons and deals. CouponCause is a great place to begin and also check some Hobby Lobby coupons. Don’t just stop there; follow your favorite stores on social media. Some notify their customers of upcoming discounts and deals via social media. Also, be sure to sign up on mailing lists of as many companies as you can. They use this channel announce deals as well.

6. Look for coupons in your community’s recycling bins

Nothing good comes easy, right? Couponers know the recycle bins around their community are goldmines waiting to be mined by the right individuals.

7. Check the grocery aisle for coupons

Plenty of coupons are often hidden right in the stores’ grocery aisle. People with an eagle’s eye are the only ones that can smoke them out. Check the Blinkies (the coupon dispensers that blink on the store shelves), Peelies (coupons attached on products) and Catalinas (Coupons that print at checkout).

8. Ask the paperboy for extra newspapers

If your paper is delivered on your doorstep, it would do you no harm to ask the paperboy where all those extra coupons go to. Who knows? Maybe with something small, he can do you a favor and give you extra coupons.

9. Print Valpak coupons at home

Did you know that Valpak coupon sent to your mail is actually less of a good deal? You can actually visit the Valpak website, search for printable coupons in your area and print more copies of it. Filter your search to what you are looking for then print it. Additionally, keep checking the site for more discounts.

10. Negotiate

Haggling sounds too much of a hassle for many people but according to CreditDonkey, 57.5% of people that challenged salespeople over the price of items got better prices. Throw yourself out there and see what happens. It is not matter of life and death anyway, is it?

See, smart couponing is no rocket science. With the right strategies, you can join the ranks of extreme couponers who only pay less than a quarter of their grocery bill year in year out.

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