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Don’t create Laws for Women, rather give respect

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he concept of Feminism is an adage as old as Adam & Eve. Feminism, in the definition clearly means developing an environment to define, protect & defend the economic, social, cultural & physical rights for women. It also bears a belief that men & women should share the same dignity, respect, rights & opportunities in this society.

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But, do we really find this to be literal, after debating on woman’s rights for nearly two centuries now. The answer is no.

Gender inequality still prevails in all the countries of the world. No matter how modern we become, women are seen differently culturally, socially, economically or physically from men. They cannot choose upon what they want in their life.
One thing we need to know is that this has to stop. A woman should be free to make policies & decisions about their own body & own self. The world needs to come out of the line of thought they have created for women. Assumptions and perceptions need to take a different route, the road not taken so far and devise a new definition of equality. But this would take shape when men become freer. If a man stops to get argumentative, women would not be compelled to be submissive & docile. When men don’t have to control, women won’t be controlled. This should not be mistaken with casting all the lights over women.

We surely don’t want an environment which gives special benefits to women in the name of equality because think about it, such attention to women definitely increases the distinction made between men & women. It makes the society think about women as a different, sensitive class that demands attention. In my opinion, it defies the basic concept of Feminism which seeks an eye that sees men & women equally. We must not gender define us & must not indulge inadvertently into using words such as “girly” or “manly” because otherwise we are buying into gender stereotyping.

Feminism:- Don’t Compromise Yourself You are All You have Got


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