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Have you broken your iPhone screen? You are not alone. Two in three smartphone users damage their phone in a year, and a cracked screen is the top reason.

Turning your phone over after dropping or stepping on it to inspect the damage sends a shudder through most people’s spines. But the good news is there are ways to fix it.

If you are looking for how to replace an iPhone screen, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn the different ways you can fix it.

A Temporary Fix

It is natural to want to fix your screen straight away, but do not panic. While you wait for the right tools for how to replace your iPhone screen, you can make a temporary fix.

You can use a screen protector or packing tape to temporarily hold the glass in place until you can replace it. It can also be helpful to use tape on the glass when you repair the screen to prevent bodily harm.

How to Replace an iPhone Screen

There are two main methods to replace an iPhone screen. The first is to do it yourself and follow the specific tutorial for your phone. The second is to get a professional to do it.

DIY Screen Repair

You can buy a screen replacement for your phone. Make sure you search for the right model and use a reputable provider. For example, search for an iPhone 4 screen replacement, iPhone X replacement, or iPhone XR replacement.

You need tools such as screwdrivers to remove the pentalobe screws and tweezers. You also need a suction handle to release the screen.

It is essential to follow specific tutorials for your model, as there are different factors to consider. For example, if you replace an iPhone X screen, you compromise the waterproof seal. Also, when you replace an iPhone 11 screen, true tone functionality will not work.

Call a Professional

If you read through how to replace your iPhone screen and feel uncomfortable, you can consider calling a professional. You can either use the official Apple service or a third-party provider.

If you use Apple, you can either go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or mail-in repair. The cost will depend on the model and your coverage. For example, to replace an iPhone 11 screen without a warranty costs just under $200 with Apple.

Be mindful that if you use a third-party provider, you may void any warranty with Apple. So if you need future fixes, you might not be covered by Apple but can continue to use third-party providers.

iPhone Screen Replacement

It is not fun to break your iPhone. However, now you have options for how to replace your iPhone screen. An iPhone screen replacement can be an easy fix if you have the right tools, tutorial, or service.

It is better to fix your screen when you can, as the cracks can worsen or damage LCD and components over time.

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