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So, you’ve received an invitation to a party.

Only it’s not just any party. You can’t just throw on a t-shirt or a dirty flannel and rake your fingers through your hair a few times (although it might be tempting) and call it good!

Formal parties can be a nightmare for guys like you and me. Whether it’s because we don’t know what to wear or because we don’t know how to style ourselves, finding the right outfit to attend any event that doesn’t take place in a garage or a backyard can be a real challenge.

The real question is: how can I look fancy without looking like an idiot? This article will teach you what to wear to a party when there’s more at stake than just a few cans of beer and a fire pit.

What to Wear to a Party (Fancified!)

There are lots of reasons to dress well at a party! You’re showing that you’ve made an effort and are ready to meet new and important people. Who knows, with these outfit ideas you might even catch the eye of woman or two!

Semi-Formal Attire

If you’ve been invited to a semi-formal party, you’ll be able to enjoy the slightly more relaxed dress. But make no mistake, you’ll still be the best-looking one there!

Wear a dark suit and a tie, or pull out your nice khakis and sports coat. What’s most important is that your suit or jacket fits you well. Nothing is less flattering than a man in a poorly-fitting suit.

You can accessorize with watches or pocket squares, but try not to go overboard. After all, you’ll want your clothes to take the spotlight.

Formal Attire

If you’re headed to a formal party, this requires a tuxedo. Tuxedos are a great way to look like the fancy, affluent man you’re trying to be. It’s best to keep it simple with tuxedos; a black tux is the classiest and most versatile choice in my opinion.

Even more formal parties might call on the addition of a nice bow tie, a tailed jacket, and a white dress shirt underneath. You can sport a tailless jacket and a black tie at less elegant events.

It’s important to keep things simple when it comes to formal attire. Your bow ties and coats will make statements on their own, so there’s no need to clutter your appearance with any extras. In this case, less really is more.


You’ve heard the girls say it: shoes are everything.

Guys, believe it or not, but this goes for us as well. After all, your shoes are the first thing that someone notices about you!

Shoes can completely alter your look. Choosing the right shoe can transform your outfit and take it to the next level. So, what kind of shoes should you be wearing?

Gator shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to looking like a king at the next function. What’s more, they can go with virtually any type of attire and are appropriate in most settings!

Invest in a pair of gator shoes and they’ll last you for a lifetime of fancy parties! Check out these quality gator shoes available at a great price to up the ante of your look.

Look and Feel Like a Star

Like everything you read, take these outfit ideas with a grain of salt. What’s most important is that you choose attire that you’re comfortable in and that makes you feel like the confident man you are!

So, now that you know what to wear to a party, put on your best and get ready to turn some heads!

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