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Americans are currently more stressed than ever. If you’ve been struggling through it yourself, you need to let loose and blow off some steam. One of the best ways to do that is by planning a big night out with your closest girlfriends!

By going out with them, you can clear your mind and focus on having fun. Plus, it gives you all the chance to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company.

Are you ready to plan the best girls’ night out ever? Keep reading to learn how.

Determine Who You’re Inviting

When you’re trying to plan, it helps to know how many people are coming. So, your first step is determining which of your friends are getting an invite. You could choose to invite all of them or a few.

No matter who you’re bringing, though, make sure you can have fun with them! A night out gets ruined fast if there’s a buzzkill around.

Find a Night That Works for Everyone

Once you know who’s getting invited, you can find a time that works for everyone. The perfect night out should be convenient for each person! Try to suggest several dates and times to provide options.

Depending on how many ladies are coming, you may need to look ahead in the calendar for a date. The more notice you can give people, the better.

Plan an Itinerary and Make Reservations

Your big night out can’t be boring. Ensure everyone has a great time by planning some fun activities or entertainment. Consider a concert, art and wine class, movie, or book a table at Tabu.

After you have some ideas, start making reservations wherever necessary. Doing so guarantees you’ll all have a spot saved.

Choose a Spot for Food

Don’t forget about the food! A friends’ night out should start with a meal to keep everyone energized for what’s to come. You may want to give your girls some options to choose from, so they can all get a say in the cuisine.

Find a Way to Get Around

You won’t want to waste time walking to get from place to place. Your girlfriends’ night out deserves planned transportation instead! Figure out the safest and most convenient way for everyone to get around.

A personal car service could be handy, or you might rely on rideshare services. A city subway could work, too.

Send Out Reminders to Everyone

With the perfect night out planned, you don’t want to let anyone forget about it! That’s why it’s practical to send out reminders a day or two ahead.

Don’t take any offense if the plan accidentally slips from someone’s mind. Everyone has their own lives to worry about! Your gentle reminder will help them remember to join the fun.

Enjoy Your Big Night Out

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Unwind with a big night out with your girlfriends! It could be just what you need to unwind and enjoy yourself.

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