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What’s better than throwing a charity event and playing golf at the same time? Nothing, absolutely nothing, but how exactly are you supposed to host a golf tournament for charity, you might be wondering?

Below we’re going to share with you some essential tips and tricks that are going to make planning your next charity golf tournament easier than yelling ‘fore’ on the green.

Find the Right Course

Just because you find a golf course doesn’t mean that the specific course will be the one for you. When searching for the golf course to use for your tournament, you’ll want one that’s just as excited about hosting your event as you are.

After all, you’ll be working closely with them in the coming weeks to get the tournament in order.

Don’t Skimp on the Prizes

While everyone that participates in the tournament understands the proceeds are going to charity, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to receive prizes. There are tons of ways that you can incorporate prizes in the tournament.

You can present participants with thank-you bags stuffed with shirts and other tournament goodies. Or you can select this trophy and hand them out at the end of the tournament as a team prize to all participants.

Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors

Sponsors love to be contacted when you’re hosting an event. Besides, when hosting a charity golf tournament, you’ll find that the money that goes into planning the tournament can be on the expensive side.

By working with sponsors, you can cut some of these costs by allowing them to provide their products for the services or sell some of their products during the tournament without you having to pay for everything.

Another bonus of working with sponsors is you don’t have to stick to just one. You can partner with as many as you’d like.

Create an Overall Experience

Golf tournaments are lengthy, and they can get tiring for both spectators and participants. Ensure that you’ve taken the time to create an entire experience for everyone involved.

This includes providing things like lunch for the golfers, cool towels, shading where people can rest, and more. This is beneficial because if you don’t take care of these things, people won’t be as excited to attend another of your events in the future.
But, people will be more inclined to donate when you do these little things because they’re truly enjoying the experience.

Planning a Golf Tournament for Charity: Staying on Par

When you’re planning a golf tournament for charity, it doesn’t always have to be overwhelming. We recommend finding the golf course that will work the best for you and pay attention to creating an entire experience for everyone involved.

We hope all participants in your tournament don’t hit too many bogeys. But if you’d like to check out some of our other posts, don’t hesitate to continue scrolling through this section.

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