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Do you need to administer a test?

Whether you are giving a test in a new role as an employee trainer or you are filling in for a colleague, giving a test can be a stressful process.

While you might think of giving a test as just monitoring the test taker’s progress, setting the tone and making sure you are prepared is key. The people taking the test will likely have questions, you will need to set rules, and make sure you are taking charge of the process.

Fortunately, administering a test doesn’t have to be complicated. By following a few steps and implementing a few best practices, you can make sure you are successful while giving a test.

If you need to administer a test but aren’t sure what’s involved, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Create a Distraction-Free Environment

The first step for successfully administering an exam is to create a distraction-free environment. Avoid harsh lighting, loud colors, excessive decor, and anything else that will create a distraction. Make sure you create a calm and comfortable environment that is best for test-taking.

2. Keep Supplies on Hand

When you hold an exam, you should keep a few supplies on hand. Pencils, pens, erasers, and notebooks might come in handy for the people who are testing. While this is not necessary, it’s a nice touch that can improve the process.

3. Set Expectations

An important step to take when you are giving a test is to set expectations. State the rules and let the test-takers know what will happen during the process. If you are considering administering the test remotely, these are the reasons to switch.

4. Provide Oral and Written Time Checks

If you are holding a lengthy test with various sections, make sure you are providing written and oral time checks. Don’t rely on your test-takers memories, instead make sure the allotted time is clear.

5. Allow For Bathroom Breaks

Depending on the length of the test, you might need to allow for bathroom breaks. If you are giving a test that lasts for several hours or the full day, make sure you are allowing for breaks and lunches.

6. Implement Test Security Measures

Part of giving an exam is doing what you can to discourage cheating. You can ask the test-takers to turn off their phones or leave them in a certain area. You should also have the students spread out and hand out two versions of the exam. While you cannot ensure someone isn’t cheating, you can make it difficult and uncomfortable.

This Is How to Administer a Test

By following these tips, you can successfully administer a test.

Start by creating a distraction-free environment and keeping certain supplies on hand. You should also set expectations, provide oral and written time checks, and allow for bathroom breaks. Make sure you are maintaining the integrity of the test by implementing test security measures.

Follow these tips to administer a test the right way.

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