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Pests destroy about 30% of crops worldwide. You put money, effort, and love into your garden, and do not want to see all the fruits of your labor go to unwanted pests.

While you can go to the store and buy a number of chemicals to rid yourself of this problem, they may cause harm to the environment, wildlife, pets, crops, and even you. Fortunately, you can keep pests away with safer methods.

Read on to learn about natural pest control.


Overgrown grass, weeds, hollow trees, and woodpiles will all attract unwanted animals to your yard for hiding and nesting. They will see your garden as an added bonus since it provides them with a supply of food in close proximity.

Get rid of iguanas without harming them by removing stumps and hollow trees and keeping everything trimmed. This will rid you of all sorts of uninvited pests. With a short lawn, a neat garden, and no hollow wood, they will move on to a safer space with hiding spots.


Create a physical barrier to protect your plants. Large fencing units around your yard will help keep bigger animals out. Cover delicate crops directly with chicken wire covers to stop smaller animals from nibbling.


We humans love the scent and flavor of aromatic herbs. Fortunately, many pests find them repulsive.

This makes these plants a great addition to gardens. Not only do you grow excellent flavor boosters, but you can also keep pests at bay with these natural insecticides:

  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Chives
  • Mint
  • Venus flytraps

Cinnamon trees make an excellent addition to the area around your garden. They will look exotic and repel insects.

Coffee Grounds

Where do you put your coffee grounds each morning? Rather than tossing them in the trash, try this easy and sustainable solution to organic pest control.

Sprinkle your coffee grounds in your soil. This fertilizes the soil, attracts earthworms, and improves drainage. At the same time, the scent repels a number of garden pests.

Homemade Natural Spray

Sustainable gardening stays away from most chemical insecticides. Even organic sprays may contain harmful substances. Make your own sprays at home that keep away unwanted insects and other animals that may destroy your garden.

Most animals and insects loathe garlic. Capsaicin, the compound in chili peppers that makes them spicy is also very undesirable to unsuspecting taste buds.

Place garlic, chili peppers, and vegetable oil into a blender. Let this mixture sit overnight so that all of the natural compounds permeate the oil. Spray this safe, cheap, and effective insecticide all over your garden crops!

Hire Professionals

If you notice an infestation in your garden, it may be too much for you to handle on your own. Hire a professional to help. Choose one who uses natural removal methods, like trapping.

Choose Natural Pest Control

Before you buy commercial remedies for pests or kill traps, think about the cost and potential consequences. You can use natural pest control methods that cost very little and work extremely well!

We want your garden to grow greatness! Check out more helpful home gardening tips on our website.

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