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For most of us, an engagement ring will be the most important piece of jewelry we ever buy or own. That’s why we tend to treat an engagement ring as a major investment. Americans will spend between $3,756 to $5,900 on the average engagement ring.

Engagement ring shapes are one of the main factors affecting price variation. The right shape can make an otherwise modest stone look gorgeous. And by the same token, the wrong shape can slash the value of what would be a spectacular stone.

So before you make such an important purchasing decision, here are some popular types of engagement rings for you to consider.

The Round Brilliant Cut

When you think of engagement rings, the stone you probably imagine has the classic round cut.

Featuring over 56 facets that reflect light, these diamonds live up to their name. Outshining almost every other style, they’re a tried and true option suitable for any bride-to-be.

The Princess Cut

Somewhat more contemporary in appearance than round brilliant shape, the princess cut is the most popular of all engagement ring types.

These rings have a stone hewn into a square shape with dynamic cuts and pointed corners. To enhance the effect, these rings often include diamond-encrusted bands.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut could be considered the most fashion-forward of the common diamond shapes.

Their defining feature is a large, open table that showcases a stone’s color and clarity, accentuated by parallel, rectangular facets. If you love the early modern, art deco style, then this is the choice for you.

The Pillow Cut

Also known as the cushion cut, this ring shape presents a twist on the basic round cut.

Rather than being purely circular, this cut takes a rounded rectangular shape, hence why it’s said to look like a cushion or pillow. For a ring that’s undeniably classic but still unique, look no further than the pillow cut.

Other Engagement Ring Shapes

Beyond those classic styles, there are a few more modern engagement rings options for you to consider. Though often reserved for pendants, earrings, or other pieces of casual jewelry, some non-traditional couples embrace these more whimsical designs.

The heart-shaped cut is one of the most notable. Though some may dismiss it as being a bit tacky or juvenile, some would see it as the ultimate expression of the love they share with their partner.

Other options like the trilliant cut and marquise cut manage to achieve a unique effect while still looking as elegant as more traditional offerings. To see more examples of some of these novel designs, click here.

Find the Right Ring for Your Beloved

Engagement ring shapes are at least as important as the quality of the stone itself. The right shape can elevate a diamond’s appearance, making it sparkle and shine more brilliantly. Using shape to your advantage is one of the surest ways to enhance a ring’s natural beauty.

And these examples only reflect some of the more popular options, and designers produce trendy new creations all the time. To make sure that you know all the options available to you, be sure to keep up with our latest fashion news and guides.

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