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The More the Merrier: 3 Awesome Group Date Ideas

First dates are the worst! Awkward conversations, nervous interactions, and boring silence all lead to horrible first date stories.

One sure-fire way to avoid some of the awkwardness of dating is by inviting a few couples along.

Group dates are a great way to bypass the awkwardness of a one-on-one first date. Keep reading to discover some lovely group date ideas to try!

1. Game Night

Some of the best date ideas involve games.

For a truly unique experience, set up a friendly competition with different rounds of games. Round one can be a traditional board game like Sorry, while round two can be a card game like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. Set up a double or nothing round for some real fun with a unique game that no one in the group has played before.

If board games aren’t your thing, consider trying out an Escape Room experience. These offer all the thrills and brain teasers of traditional board games but in a more immersive experience.

Just remember to keep your cool regardless of the game, no one likes dating an over-competitor!

2. Dinner Party

People often say that food is the way to a man’s heart, so there’s no better date idea than a dinner party.

Invite four couples to a dinner party at your house, complete with four courses. Each couple should bring ingredients to cook their own course. Then sprinkle in some competition by judging the different courses and crowning the best chef couple.

Remember to stock your house with great wine to keep the creative juices flowing!

If you’re not the best chef, reserve a meal at a restaurant for groups. Many top-tier restaurants offer customizable menus and private dining to create a night to remember. And if you really want to impress your date, pick up the check for the whole party!

3. Get Physical

Getting your blood pumping and endorphins flowing is a great way to have a good time while on a date. But for a group date, keep the physical activity PG!

For some non-structured fun, head over to the local lake for a day of kayaking or explore the trails of your local park. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner to bring along so no one gets hangry after all the exploring.

Or you and your group can bar hop to all the great dancing locations. Spend your evening traveling to different bars based on their music offerings and live entertainment. Practice your dance moves before you go to ensure your date has a great time!

Try out These Great Group Date Ideas

The next time you want to invite your cute coworker out on a date, consider one of these group date ideas instead. Whether you’re defeating the competition in a board game or sightseeing on a kayak — you’ll impress your date.

Remember that group dates are great for a first date or every once in a while. You still need some one-on-one dates to truly get to know your potential partner.

Nervous about your first one-on-one date? Head over to the Relationships section of this site for more dating advice.

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