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American adults love Halloween almost as much as kids do it seems, or at least according to recent statistics. In fact, reports suggest that 76% of American adults celebrate Halloween.

Young or old, there are many Halloween activities to enjoy. Some activities are traditional, others are new, and some are sort of traditional but with a modern-day twist.

If you are looking at what to do on Halloween, you won’t run out of Halloween ideas with this article. Keep reading for some spooky fun!

Halloween Celebrating

When did it all begin? Many scholars believe that approximately 2,000 years ago, Halloween began with the European Celtic people. They had a festival called Samhain to celebrate the harvest ending and a new year’s beginning.

The American Folklife Center believes the people would more easily commune with the dead during Samhain, including lighting enormous bonfires to ward off spirits.

Today, instead of warding off spirits, Americans traditionally celebrate Halloween with the following activities:

  • Displaying Halloween decorations in and out of their home
  • Wearing a costume
  • Dressing kids in costumes
  • Dressing pets in costumes
  • Giving candy to trick-or-treaters
  • Taking kids trick-or-treating
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Watching scary movies
  • Attending a Halloween party

Do these sound familiar?

You are likely a part of the crowd that performs at least one activity in the above list, and why not? What is not to love about celebrating Halloween?

If you want to take your Halloween activities to the next level in the year 2022 with something grand and exciting, check out these top Halloween attractions taking place in the United States.

Halloween Event Ideas

If you want to create your own spooktacular Halloween party, you will be the talk of the town with these suggestions. The key to throwing the best Halloween event is choosing a good theme.

Choosing a theme will help your guests choose the right costume. It will help you, the host, choose the right snacks, drinks, décor, and Halloween activities. Here are some fantastic Halloween event ideas to consider:

  1. Create your own haunted house
  2. Release a zombie apocalypse
  3. Plan a superhero party
  4. Arrange a murder mystery
  5. Celebrate “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  6. Plan a scavenger hunt
  7. Host a contest for pumpkin carving
  8. Host a scary movie marathon
  9. Run a costume contest
  10. Plan a scary dinner party
  11. Organize your own ghost tour

These are brilliant party and Halloween event ideas to create a theme that will get your guests excited. Hand out some creative invitations, either via snail mail or online from a free RSVP app like Eventbrite or Evite.

Then, make sure you add as much thrill to it as you can. Here are some spooky touches you can include:

  • Spooky décor
  • Creepy cocktails
  • Garnish with eyeballs
  • Offer a candy buffet
  • Design a spooky photo booth backdrop
  • Scary swag station
  • Decorate pumpkins
  • Hire fortune teller

If you are currently planning what to do on Halloween, while there are many cool places and events to attend, remember that you can always create your own amazing party, too. It will be an experience that friends and family will remember for a lifetime.

Celebrate Halloween

Now that you have some new ideas on how to celebrate Halloween, we hope you enjoy putting them into action!

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