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Renewable energy is on the rise in Michigan, and it looks like solar is going to dominate in the years to come. Currently, wind provides most of Michigan’s clean energy.

Now solar farms are increasing, and more homeowners are turning to solar energy companies for panels. In Michigan, solar energy is the future.

If you’ve decided it’s time for your Detroit home to go solar, how can you choose the right Michigan solar company for the job?

Let’s review some key things to look for in Detroit solar companies.

Licensed and Insured

Right now, in Michigan, solar contractors do not need a license. However, that may change as a license requirement is being considered by the Michigan senate.

However, make sure that your contractor is fully insured to work on your house. You do not want to have any liability in the event of injury to their workers or damage to your home.

Own the Solar Panels

There are lots of solar contracts out there. Some allow you to lease the panels, a little like a car lease. Then you have to buy them or have them removed at the end of the contract term.

Other systems include PPAs, which work more like a utility bill where you pay for the solar energy each month. Neither of these options results in you owning the solar panels.

We recommend talking to Michigan solar companies about solar ownership. This allows you to actually buy your solar panels. You get the benefit of the incentives as well.

Solar Incentives

There are both federal and state home solar system incentives in place right now. A Michigan solar company should be familiar with all of them and help you to obtain any that you qualify for.

If you don’t buy your solar system, you won’t benefit from the federal tax rebate. So choose a solar energy company that works to make the system as affordable as possible for you.

Finance Arrangements

Most people will need to arrange long-term financing for their solar systems. You can do this privately or talk to each solar energy company about the deals they offer.

Look out for deals that offer predictable and affordable monthly payments for the duration of the contract. This will allow you to plan ahead and ensure that you are not faced with escalating charges down the line.

Warranty Arrangements

Both the workmanship of the solar company and the panels themselves should come with warranties. 25 years is typical for solar panels, and some offer more. Talk to solar companies about their repair policy.

Choose an Experienced Company

Solar panels are a major investment. You need to get the best panels you can afford and go with a trusted contractor. Look for a company that has been in business for years and has a great Better Business Bureau rating.

Check out their online reviews and ask them about projects they have completed locally.

Sort Out the Best Solar Energy Companies From the Rest

As solar becomes more and more popular, there are more solar energy companies to choose from. Look for experience, great warranties, solar incentives, and affordable financing.

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