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We’ve been led to believe that the minimum requirement we must have to even be considered for a job is a degree. People say that it’s hard to get noticed without one, no matter how skilled and focused you are.

But the world is changing. High school graduates and a rising number of remote workers are looking beyond an ordinary degree to find greater success. These alternative means of education are proving to be just as beneficial, all the while saving you time and money.

Certification courses, such as those earned through SkillFront, are taking center stage in this new world. If you want to develop new skills and gain valuable credentials, then you can’t miss this guide to SkillFront, explaining what it is and how it works.

What Is Skillfront?

If you want to give your career some rocket fuel, look no further than SkillFront. Boost your credentials and professional performance through this Accredited Certification Body. They help professionals build their businesses and give beginners the skills to start out in their field of interest.

They take a dream and make it a reality. SkillFront assists entrepreneurs in building their first businesses. They clarify a vision and give you the tools to implement the perfect plan.

So many people have potential, yet give up before they even start. SkillFront has the power to push you along in the right direction so you can complete your journey.

This online platform has been developed for today’s workers, professionals and rookies alike. It’s flexible and individualized. It’s the modern way to learn.

Benefits of SkillFront

SkillFront is world-renowned as the leading skill development and certification organization. Its accreditations are backed by the ISO/IEC international standards.

SkillFront keeps its promises to remain trustworthy and accredited. They also promise to:

  • Stay relevant
  • Listen to feedback and requests
  • Support innovation
  • Work for the success of all people

To ensure that they’re operating to these standards, SkillFront’s credentials are renewed annually.

How to Use SkillFront

Go to the SkillFront site and start with the free “Foundations of Business and Entrepreneurship” Certification. This will act as your foundation. It will give you the basic essential knowledge for starting out if you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, such as how to:

  • Appreciate problems and solutions
  • Behave like a producer
  • Become a generalist (in case you want to expand out of niche)
  • Give your all
  • Constantly improve
  • Know the next steps

There are other free SkillFront certifications offered as well. Your employer might want you to take a certain course or complete a certification.

There are more specific paid courses as well, which include a wide range for companies, businesses, and more. If you’re working independently of your employer, read the detailed descriptions of each course to decide where to begin.

Just imagine how good it will feel to add them to your LinkedIn page and personal CV/resume! Earn badges from SkillFront Accredited Certification Body and share them online.

To start, simply register and pay (if applicable). Then you’ll get your access code. Materials include an eBook (and audio version), training materials, and any operating manuals appropriate to your field.

You’ll also get an exam access code. Once you’re familiar with the materials and are prepared, you may take your exam. In some cases, there are time windows in which you need to complete your exam; for example, 365 days.

Once you pass your exam, you get a digital badge and a certification of completion. Your badge is sharable and verifiable.

If you don’t pass your exam, SkillFront will reactivate your exam code up to 3 times, so no worries. Plus, they have a 100% money-back guarantee on their courses. If you fail all 3 times, you can get a full refund, with no strings attached.

Helps You Project Real Confidence

Besides growing your business and sharpening your skillset, you’ll gain something even more valuable: a boost in confidence. But what does confidence get you? It gets you a lot, actually.

You’ll produce more, communicate more effectively, and be more assertive. Most of all, you’ll project confident authenticity. We, as humans, are very good at spotting a faker, a fraud, an imposter; it’s in our very nature.

In a job interview, you need to show them the real you. If you’re not confident in your skills, it’ll be obvious in how you speak about yourself. It will show in your micro-expressions and in the tone of your voice.

Benefits Remote Workers

According to Upwork, over half of all Americans work remotely, and the number is rising. People are loving the flexibility and freedom of this type of career, and they are now one of the biggest customer groups for online certifications.

By 2025, remote workers will make up 87% more of the workforce than they did before the pandemic.

Online certifications are a great investment because the return is incredible when you look at the time and money involved. A typical college degree can take between three and five years to complete, not to mention the huge bill they hand you as you walk out the door.

Get similar professional recognition with online certifications that only take around three to eight months! No wonder it’s becoming so popular around the world.

SkillFront Equals Professional Advancement

Whether you want to dive into something new or advance your professional life, SkillFront has everything you need. Take the courses remotely and then watch your dreams unfold. It can guide you through professional programs and internationally recognized certifications to achieve more success in your field.

SkillFront will give you more opportunities like it did its founder, Yeliz Obergfell. She developed it after being fired from her corporate job following the birth of her first child. They couldn’t handle a working mother, so she took things into her own hands.

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