Robotic machine tending benefits and applications Robotic machine tending benefits and applications

All across the world, industries are accepting robotic machinery for its exceptional advantages. Robotic machine tending is an automated procedure of tending a machine. It is usually used to manage computer numerical control machines. In this procedure, the raw materials get loaded into the machine, and the machine unloads the finished parts. Machine tending helps to enhance productivity and improves the work environment as well. Robotics makes the production procedure more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. Also, robotic machine tending helps to reduce waste as well. As the robots are more intelligent and capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, it ensures the utmost benefits for the industry. However, robotic machine tending is different from robotic material handling. In this post, we will discuss the applications and benefits of robotic machine tending

Robotic Machine Tending Applications

Robotic machine tending is typically used for loading and unloading parts in grinding, milling, compression molds, welding, injection molds. The tending machines are not only robust but also make the loading and unloading procedure very easy. 

Robotic machine tending is used to load products into the CNC milling machines. It is also used to turn on the machines. With the tending machines, there will be no risks involved. 

The tending machines are also used for trimming, stamping, punching, EDM, and forge pressing. All of these procedures need heavy machines that are efficient and fast in performance. Therefore Robotic machine tending is apt for these purposes.

Robot machine tending is also used to mold compressions. This procedure needs high pressure. Therefore the robot machine tending is the best option for this purpose. 

In the welding department as well, the machine tending robots get used. The welding department, the tending machine, holds the products firmly to complete the welding procedure. Besides, the arms also increase the accuracy of the welding operation. 

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

A machine tending operation has a robot that helps in loading and unloading the parts while the machine operates. Now, let’s have a look at the advantages of robotic machine tending.

  1. Machine tending increases the productivity

Robotic machine tending helps to increase the speed and decreases the part cycle time. However, the difference is only a few seconds in comparison to a human operator. But over the weeks and months, the result is significant. You will see a major boost in productivity as a whole. A robot is capable of working for many weeks in a row without stopping. Therefore robotic machine tending ensures more productivity without the need for further operators. 

  1. Robotic machine tending decreases the production costs

Robotic machine tending significantly reduces production costs. It reduces the production costs both in facility efficiency and in per-unit efficiency. Robots help to produce goods without fewer errors. Comprehensive robotic setups help to remove any risk of human error. It helps to lower the per-unit cost of production. Better machinery also helps to process workpieces and goods more precisely. Thus it results in less waste. Robots also can reduce the production cost of the overall facility. So the labor costs, human employees’ costs, insurance, wages, and everything get reduced. Thus the robotic machine tending ensures facility efficiency as well. 

  1. Machine tending reduces the risk of hazards for human workers

The manufacturing operations have huge risks sometimes. Sometimes, in dangerous environments, human employees have the risk of getting injured. Field production sites are always hazardous for human employees. The workers have to get exposed to hazardous chemicals or other environmental factors. But robotic machinery reduces such risk of hazards in the work environment. It helps to reduce the manual labor in the worksites. So, machine tending minimizes risks and reduces the overall expenses, associated healthcare costs, and legal liability. 

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Nowadays, the pressure of productivity is increasing in the manufacturing industries. But besides maintaining productivity, you have to think about cost efficiency as well. To exist continuously in the competition, manufacturers are adopting the concept of robotic machine trending. This new concept helps to improve the production line cost-effectively. Here, we have mentioned the top three benefits of machine tending. So, to get these benefits you must get help from robot machine tending and get the utmost benefits in your business. 

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