Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence

It is the present scenario that reflects ‘AI’ is on the path to change the world coming up in a few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that is actually by any technology. It is revealed especially by software or machines. The influence of AI is increasing day by day that people are almost impressed by it. The technology of various fields in the sense of AI has virtually seized all the work of people in day-to-day life. It is the area where humans are trying to make computers and computer software and machines robust in intelligence’s aspects.

The key ingredient is the intelligence agent, which works as the base for this. This AI helps us in so many areas like the research field, communication, statistics, economics, engineering, computational intelligence, linguistics, neuroscience, artificial psychology, reasoning and more!

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The future is trapped by AI in sense of employment also. How?

As the AI has been increased, comfort is increased, speed is increased everything is fine and every work is being quicker. There are some things that we will miss out! What are they?

First, the scope of photo papers has vanished! Hand Cameras are almost to gone! The mobile cameras are on the top! The business is changed. AI is there. Education is replaced by smart education. Virtual classes are there. No need to pay professors, the peons to clean the classrooms! Not even transportation charges!

The agricultural field totally dominance of human beings. Now, the robots have entered in this also. Farmers will be the managers of the field and robots will work. 70% of farmers, workers will be out of the place. The robot’s switch will be the best. The weeds will be removed by machines and irrigation has already reached that platform.

An apple keeps a doctor away!” same way AI will keep away the doctors. The human body analysis will be done by the device. It has being developed. The illness will be also cured and diagnosed in the same way. The whole body check-up will be done within a few minutes and reports will pop up immediately. AI will cover the health field soon. Para-medical staff will be out of the need!

The drivers! We all have already seen a driverless car somewhere! The software, the source of AI will tackle the driving portion. The drivers will be free almost.

The counselors, the legal advisers, the freelancers will be indeed of no use. The systems and the software are there to fill the gap of human beings. The AI will punch all these! The employees, the workers, the guides who guide us in strange places all will be free as air! Jobs and jobs profile will be out of the need mostly! Let us think upon it and see the very next step of modern AI!

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