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The Road We Take!

 ‘I took the road less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference …’

  • ‘The Road Not Taken – Robert Frost’


How many times have we faced a dilemma, when we are supposed to choose the best out of two ? Almost Everyday! These dilemmas maybe as small as choosing what to wear today, and as big as choosing a career option or a perfect life partner.

Yes! Life Partner… sounds funny eh ?

We come across various roads in life everyday, we choose what we find just and optimal but is it really a correct decision ? Perhaps not always. Like one road always leads to another, one decision affects our own life as well as lives of people surrounding us. Most of the times we end up cursing ourselves for choosing a particular thing, but that doesn’t mean our decision was wrong. Its human nature, WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED.

We take our own decisions in life, our parents assist us when we are young and immature but as we grow up, we start practicing discretion on our own. Our decisions at times may prove to be wrong, still we learn something. In fact, a lot! Wrong Decisions at times prove to be the stepping-stones to success.

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On most occasions, we take decisions in haste and that’s an absolute waste! Before taking any decision, whether big or small, we must be far-sighted enough to understand its aftermath in the long run because, as one road leads to another, one decision leads to another. So, it’s important we think twice before deciding upon something.

Metaphorically summarizing the proposition,

‘We are travelers in this world. Everyday is a new road, a new challenge, a new decision to take in life. So, it is important that we take the right road in Life, because our Tomorrow will be a result of what we do Today. But, the distinguishing factor between Life and a Road is, there’s never a U-Turn in Life…’

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