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In the 21st century, people have become more and more obsessed with cats. Millions of people are searching for cat pictures and watching funny videos on the web every day. The cat is strange, cute, funny, enigmatic, impudent, cunning and a smart creature. There are a ton of different types of cats, from Munchkin cat to flat faced cats. That’s why we love them. However, sometimes it ‘s hard to spend time with your cat because they are unpredictable and guided by their mood. Nevertheless, during the school season, you need a rest more than ever, hence pick up a warm kitten and just relax.

Read on, and you will find out how to have fun and relax with your furry comrade.

#1 Music for the soul

After a tough day at school, music and help with an essay writing can help you relax. The same can be applied to kittens. Choose appropriate music to calm cats down. Calm and melodic music helps maintain the serenity of the animal and relieves stress. Turn on classical music to make them feel happy and peaceful. When you relax, you thereby improve the mental state of your fluffy companion.
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#2 Goodies

Well, who doesn’t like to eat delicious food? Of course, everyone likes! Stock up on treats for yourself and don’t forget about your furry friend.

There are special cat calming treats.

These animals are very responsive to the catnip, it can make them behave very excited and look particularly pleased. The catnip can be used in many different ways:
– buy a toy filled with catnip;
– make a toy by yourself (fill the plastic egg with a small amount of catnip (buy it in pet stores) and just watch));
– pour a small amount of catnip for example, on a toy or a claw sharpener.

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#3 Relaxing massage

This paragraph will discuss the real cat relaxer. You should know how to clean your cat’s ears as these cute creatures love massage very much. As a rule, they get satisfied through stroking. The massager has a calming effect: after several massage sessions, restless and fearful kitties become calmer and cease to be afraid of sharp and loud sounds. With the help of a massage, you can help your pet restore its stock of energy and get rid of fatigue.

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#4 A secluded place

One of the ways to calm down your furry friend is to create a comfortable place. It can be a special bed or a corner of the room specially designed for it. However, this animal prefers to choose a place independently – it can be your favorite chair, computer or even your pillow. You can set up a safe cat house on your own.

#5 Games

Games is a useful tool for having fun, relaxing, and a great way to calm down your “tiger.” Our four-legged friends are active creatures, but usually, they like to play short-term games.

  • Catch-up mode. They love to rush. Chase your cat or throw a toy in a way it can play with it.
  • Play in hide-and-seek. Go into hiding and try to attract its attention, it will find you, or let your pet hide somewhere while you are looking for it. Bags and boxes are perfectly suitable for this activity.
  • Make a toy by yourself. Buy some supplies such as an acrylic sheet, some glue and some items that your cat is attracted to.

#6 Habitat

Place containers with cat grass at home. This will make an illusion of house conditions which are slightly similar to natural. This kind of plant is safe for kittens, it can be eaten, and it is available for sale at pet stores. Plant several plants in the pots.

P.S. If your furry friend experiences stress because of some event and you can’t calm it down, then try to give your cat “Pet Organics Calm Down for Cats.” This medicine is made on the basis of flowers and herbs with no side effects. The so-called natural relaxer for your pet.

#7 Street walks

This kind of activity will be interesting, useful and relaxing for both of you. Find a safe place for walking and try to put a leash on your “mouser.” Not every cat can immediately adapt to the leash; it will take some time before it gets used to it. If you live in a private house and have a sheltered place there, for example, a porch or a glazed terrace, you can take a walk there.

#8 Observation

In order to have a good time,” it is important to monitor the behavior and preferences of your furry friend.
– Don’t make your cat win or lose all the time.
– Don’t make it play with you.
– Stop playing if the kitty has become unusually aggressive.
Keep in mind, every pet wants to play in a certain way and at a particular time, pay attention to cat’s preferences.

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#9 Safety

If you want to relax you cat, then you should take care of pet’s safety. Keep detergents and other chemicals in tightly closed containers, in a place inaccessible to the furry creature.
– Certain house plants (for example, ivy and mistletoe) are poisonous – you should take them away.
– Sometimes they like to climb into close and dark places, for instance in cupboards and boxes – frequently check whether it doesn’t get stuck there.

#10 Communication

The last but not least thing is simple communication with the animal. Communicate with it, your furry friend loves and appreciates it. This is your close friend and faithful comrade. You mean the whole world to your pet – never forget this! Communication will give you a lot of pleasure, and you will relax after a hard day’s work.

Follow these simple tips and spend time with your pet, communicate, be active and everything will be perfect for you! Our pets love weasel; they will give positive emotions in return.

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