Netflix india chill or buffer Netflix india chill or buffer
Netflix launched in India with 100 other countries world wide. Launched out of California in 1997 as a DVD rental service and now has over 69 million users globally with 42 million in the US alone. The slow increase in subscriptions led Netflix to spread its business world wide.

Things you need to know about Netflix India:

  • Number of Bollywood titles are limited to 100 as of now.
  • The content on Netflix India will not be censored. But will have ratings and descriptions about the content.
  • The payment methods are limited to PayPal and credit cards, they could add other options in the coming months.
  • One month trial service will be provided.
  • Netflix continued its global pricing strategy and is pricing Rs 500, 650, 800 for Basic, Standard and Premium respectively.
  • Netflix has confirmed that the minimum speeds for viewing fluidly and without any interruption is 2Mbps and 4 Mbps for Standard Definition and High Definition respectively.
  • India does not have access to lot of content, content is limited. eg:  you cannot find house of cards on Netflix India.

Netflix will face many challenges in India

  1. Hooq, BoxTv offers similar services at cheaper rates. Eros now and Hotstar give services for free but with limited content. They will be tough competition for Netflix.
  2. India is one of the world’s largest consumers of illegal and pirated online stuff, because people don’t want to pay for the content when they can get it for free. Now the big Question lies is that Will an average Indian spend 500 per month to watch television? One just might spend it on better internet and download the content through torrent0s for free.
  3. The high bandwidth requirement may be a problem. Average internet speed in India is about 2-3 Mbps barely enough to view standard definition content.

As said by ScoopWhoop – Netflix may not work out in India. Netflix will only stream shows that fall under its production partnership, which at the moment does not include much local content and a lot of international shows that don’t appear on its roster. In fact they are advertising themselves as an independent show platform.

Long story short, no Game Of Thrones.

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