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Are you planning on moving to Washington state but aren’t sure which city would be best for you? There are plenty of beautiful cities that are affordable too. 

Keep reading for the top cities that make living in Washington state affordable and easy on your budget. 

1. Tacoma

Located in the northwest of Washington, this port city is known best for the Museum of Glass. The museum features works from the talented and world-famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. Tacoma has a strong interest in arts and culture and also features the Tacoma Art Museum.

This medium-sized city is home to approximately 200,000 people and the home values continue to increase year after year. This makes it a great place to move to and invest in the local real estate. 

Tacoma is a beautiful city located near Mount Rainier and the Olympic National Park. This is a perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor sports. You will not be disappointed in the natural beauty surrounding the city. 

2. Spokane

Known as the birthplace of Father’s Day, Spokane is a vibrant city located in the northwest of Washington. It is also well known for the Spokane Falls which is a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the city. 

Real estate has been experiencing some growth in the last few years and is expected to continue to rise. If you are debating on whether to buy a house, this would be a good time to invest in a home and watch your income grow. 

This city is great for those who enjoy getting out and eating at trendy restaurants or unwinding after a long week with some vibrant nightlife. If you enjoy getting lost in nature the local landscape is perfect for enjoying outdoor sports such as hiking or fishing. 

3. Olympia

Washington’s capital, Olympia, is located about an hour away from Mount Rainier and has great fishing and boating opportunities. The city has a wonderful waterfront where you can enjoy some fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants or enjoy the local art scene. 

The median price for homes is cheaper here than in the rest of the state, which is perfect for those who have a smaller budget. 

Olympia was settled by Europeans in 1846 and the population steadily grew from those making their way across the United States on the Oregon Trail. The city was highly dependant on the artesian springs for their main water supply and much of the community was created surrounding these waters. These days you can still collect clean drinking water at these historic wells.

4. Vancouver

Vancouver is located on the Washington-Oregon border and is just a short car ride from Portland and a few hours from Mount Hood. Its prime location allows its residents to enjoy the culturally rich aspects of Portland while also enjoying the beautiful scenery and outdoor sports the area has to offer. 

If you are looking for a great bargain on purchasing a home, the housing market in Vancouver is not as competitive as other affordable cities in Washington. This makes it easier to buy a home and also get it for a great price. 

5. Yakima

Yakima is roughly an hour away from Mount Rainier and is home to many producers of apple, wine, and hops. The city is named after the Native American’s who once lived on the land before being colonized by Europeans.

The city is an affordable location for buying a home and is expected to continue to grow in value which is perfect for an investment property. The city is popular for sommeliers due to being located in the middle of Washington state’s wine country. 

This is also a great location for those who enjoy spending time in nature and enjoying some hiking at Mount Rainier State Park. 

6. Bellingham

This coastal city is located next to the Canadian border and like the other locations in Washington is a beautifully scenic city full of opportunities to spend time in nature. Those who live in Bellingham can wake up every morning to the wonderful views of Mount Baker on one side and the coastal view of Bellingham Bay on the other. 

Due to its prime location and spectacular views, Bellingham might be on the higher end of your budget but it is still one of the cheaper cities in the state to move to. Since the market continues to grow, this is a great city to invest in while also enjoying what the area has to offer. 

7. Richland

Richland has an interesting history of being part of the Manhatten Project and is near the Hanford nuclear site. These days it is still known as being a hub of technological advancements while also having some beautiful natural sights as well. 

The prices of homes in Richland are very affordable and due to technical career opportunities, there are plenty of decent careers in the area as well. 

Residents can also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities such as spending some time on the extensive trail system, fishing on the Columbia or Yakima rivers, or a relaxing day of golf. There are also many events hosted in Richland that are entertaining. There are music and arts festivals, street rod and classic car events and a renaissance festival calls Richland home.  

This area is also known for having fertile agricultural lands that grow crops of potatoes and wine grapes. 

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If you are planning on living in Washington state there are plenty of great cities to move to that won’t be outside of your budget. This beautiful state has plenty to offer for nature, culture and art lovers, so what are you waiting for, pack your bags and start your new life!

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