Move to california on budget Move to california on budget

California is one of the most popular places in the world and people prefer starting a new life. Moving to California can be a daunting step as it is a very costly city.

To save money and stay in California on a budget is not impossible. Here is the list as well as tips and tricks to make it possible. Follow the guide given below.

Save on Your Rent

California is a costly city and higher house rent is one of the major causes of concern. Living expenses in California are quite high and it becomes all the more expensive if you choose to live in the heart cities of California like Los Angeles or San Francisco. But there are certain ways that you can try to cut your living expenses.

  • It is advisable to find a roommate for you as you will be able to split the rent which is otherwise very high. You can consider living with your friends and if they do not prefer living in the same area then you can find people on social media to share the flat.
  • Try to relocate in the offseason as generally, people move between May to September. There is a fair chance of getting a house on low rent during the offseason as landlords lower house rents to attract renters. Moving during winters is highly recommended.
  • You can sign a long term lease with the landlord to get some discount on your monthly rent as landlords are always interested in long term renters and like to secure them.

Food Budget

Dining is another cost that impacts your budget. Eating out at a restaurant is an expensive affair and is not recommended if you want to keep your budget a minimum.

  • Cooking at home is the best option for both your health and pocket. If you find it difficult to cook every day then you can make a meal plan and do meal prepping. Meal prepping is a way of preparing whole meals together to save time and it also encourages us to eat healthily. This way, you will be able to save money, time, and health.
  • Once you have prepared your meal plan for the upcoming week, make a grocery list every weekend. Consider buying your groceries from discount stores. Discount grocery stores offer good quality products at lower prices as they feature generic brands. Either search online or ask a friend for reference to a good local discount grocery store.
  • If you are foody and like eating out, then also you can keep a day in a week to eat out. Eating out occasionally can still allow you to remain within your budget. You can find a discount coupon online to get affordable dining options in your area.

Moving Expenses

Strategizing a budget-based move is always difficult and moving to California on a budget will also not be an exception and will be a challenge in itself. But if you want to have a budget-friendly move then make sure you follow the points given below.

  • Consider downsizing your belongings before you pack for the move. This will not only help you financially but will also allow you to get rid of any clutter and keep the required stuff only. Have a round of your house and keep sorting every corner. Take out all the unwanted and unnecessary things and make a pile. Sort these piled up items into three categories including donate, sell, or throw. You can make some money by arranging a garage sale before packing.
  • Try to make a DIY move as you can save a lot of amount by packing yourself and you can book the labor-only services of a moving company. This hired labor can help you in loading and unloading your belongings while transporting your goods. The labor organized by you will handle all the moving process except driving the truck. Reducing your moving cost will help you in planning your stay in California properly.

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Buy Your Car 

Living in a Californian city like Los Angeles means having only a few public transport options and you may decide to buy a car.

  • Try to search for good car deals online and compare the prices of vehicles available. Don’t forget to negotiate with the selected dealers.
  • You may also need to purchase new vehicle registration if you are driving your already owned car to California. You will also need a new driver’s license and expensive smog as you have to meet certain smog-related requirements in California. Most people prefer buying a new car over making all these expenses in their old car.

These moving tips are the tried and tested to ensure an affordable move for all types of local moves. Follow them and enjoy a cost effective moving experience the next time.

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