Yes! You read it right.

India was earlier called the nation of ‘Mangos’ or more commonly known as ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’. But now, the country is giving up this tag and slowly moving towards a new name ‘Ban-ana’ Republic.

Every now and then, Twitter and newspapers are flooded with debates and views talking about something being banned. Some recent bans which hawked the limelight included banning of some websites, Maggi Ban, Beef Ban and many more. But a revolting thought that crosses the mind of those few challenging people is that, “Are Bans the only Solution?” It seems as if the Government looks forward to ban every next thing that it feels like.

This is clearly not the right approach. Specially, in a democratic country like India wherein people are concerned about practicing their rights and raising their voices against every injustice posed to them. Advocates of Democracy are the first ones to kindle the fire and add fuel to it. Banning a thing or an activity is suitable when it is completely beyond government’s control to stop it, but in India, government tends to ban anything without any substantial logical base. When the Government fails to deal with a problem, it tries to ban it.

Banning is not the suitable method to control any illicit activity taking place. Government should frame some suitable rules and regulations with respect to everything it wishes to ban. By banning something, it becomes difficult to track the success, whether banning the particular activity really helped. On the contrary, if laws are framed, tracking the culprits and levying offences on them would become much easier. This is necessary since banning doesn’t stop the activity. The Government might contradict it on the grounds of how herculean the task is. But, it needs to take into consideration the loss it incurs when the whole system fails to control something and bans it – on financial as well as social grounds.

Now, It might be the time that we ‘Ban the Bans’.

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