How to improve immunity How to improve immunity

Simple ways to boost immunity, home remedies for good immunity, how to improve immunity? I think these were some frequent searches most of us did in recent times. Strong immunity is something we all should work upon but in recent times during COVID it has become more important to focus and make our immune system stronger.

There are numerous ways that can help to immune your system. Let’s discuss some easy to adopt habits and ideas to build strong immunity.

Simple Ways To Improve Immunity Quickly.

1. Proper sleep

Can anyone raise a hand for not scrolling social media? All of us keep on scrolling our phones or using other gadgets and sacrifice our sleep hours. We all live in an era where sleeping late is a cool trend but actually, it is not. Your body needs proper rest and especially your eye and brain which suffer the most. Better sleep helps to recharge our body and build a strong immunity system. Our body needs a minimum of 6 hours of proper sleep so it’s time to follow “early to bed and early to rise” once again.

2. Regular exercise 

What was the last time you played any sport game? I can’t remember, our life’s have become so hectic and scheduled in front of laptops, physical activities like sports have vanished somewhere but that shouldn’t be an excuse. Adapt regular exercise, to build strong immunity exercise it must.

There are various options available, try to wake up early and go for cycling, you can join a gym or if you can’t go out of your house switch to online yoga classes or some simple easy to practice at home exercise.

3. Manage stress

I know this term might sound funny. Stress is something that you haven’t asked for, we agree there are both internal and external reasons for the stress you can control all, but you can surely manage.

Stress puts a lot of impact on our immune system and makes it weaker. To manage stress you can learn meditation, it helps in keeping yourself calm and think positively.

4. Food habits

Food habits can make or destroy your immune system. Our food habits have a very strong impact, consuming lots of alcohol, smoking and having junk on a daily basis can lead you to serious health issues. If you cannot stop or avoid it start managing it at least. You can decrease the consumption of products that affect your health. So make sure to manage your eating habit well. That also plays a major role to improve immunity for longrun.

5. Healthy diet

A healthy diet is the biggest secret of a healthy body and strong immunity. Small changes and replacement in your regular meal can help you a lot. Add green veggies at least in one meal of your day, add salad in your lunch. When you feel hungry instead of chips, eat fruits, especially citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are very beneficial for building strong immunity.

Instead of packed juice switch to a fresh one, packed juice carries added sugar and flavor, wheatgrass juice, bottle gourd juice, spinach soup or juice are some of the best to boost immunity. It is also important to take your meal times and give it the proper time to digest.

Final thoughts:

These are some very basic and Hassle-free solutions that you can adapt to boost your immunity. Practicing them can lead to a healthy lifestyle. You can also take some multi-vitamins and herbal immunity boosters as per your physicians’ guidance.

But we cannot fully assure you that the above-mentioned things will save you from any particular diseases, these are some basic tips regarding, how to improve immunity. Hope that might be beneficial for you.

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