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Americans produce over 35 million tons of yard waste per year. Chances are you and your family contribute some amount of yard waste to our national total. Making yard waste isn’t terrible as long as you dispose of it the right way.

If you are wondering about some basics of yard waste removal or looking for the best way to remove yard waste, you came to the right place. Yard waste disposal isn’t challenging, providing you know how to do it.

In this handy guide, we discuss many of your different options when it comes to getting yard waste off your property. Read on to learn some crucial yard waste removal tips that will help you keep your property in prime condition.

Burning Yard Waste

Depending on where you live, burning yard waste may be one of your best options. Make sure to wait until the proper time of the year outside of fire season to construct your burn pile. Check in with your local fire department.

Put all of the lighter yard waste fuels such as brush and grasses on the bottom and make sure they are dry. Take the heavier fuels and stack them above this base. Wait for a clear day after a ton of rain and enjoy your bonfire.

Hauling Yard Waste

Another excellent option for those that don’t live in an area conducive to burning yard waste is to haul it off your property. You can use your pickup truck or borrow one from a friend.

If you don’t have a truck, or don’t feel like renting one, you may want to check out a reputable junk removal company like the one found at www.stressfreejunkhauling.com. The professionals have all the tools and experience necessary to haul your yard waste off your property and dispose of it.

Composting Yard Waste

If you have a large property, an excellent option for disposing of your yard waste is to repurpose it as compost. Compost is packed full of nutrients and will be great for your garden or crops.

Simply dedicate a portion of your land to be used as a compost pile. Stack your yard waste and till it from time to time. Over many months or years, it will turn to nutrient-rich soil you can use to grow things with.

Mulching Yard Waste

If you have some yard waste with a high wood concentration, you may want to think about renting or buying a chipper. You can mulch your yard waste into wood chips and either sell them or use them around your property.

Handle Your Yard Waste

You can’t just let your yard waste sit there taking up valuable space on your property. You have many options for disposal; it is simply a matter of picking your best one.

Use the tips in this yard waste removal guide to choose your best strategy for disposing of your yard waste.

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