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By 2030, there will be about 73.1 million older adults with 1 in 5 people in retirement age. Have you ever heard of elder law? 

Elder law negotiates with intricate legal regulations that affect people sixty-five and over. Elder law handles cases involving this age cluster. 

If you want to become a lawyer and focus on elder law, here’s our quick guide:

How to Get Into Elder Law

To become a lawyer specializing in elder law, students have to enter law school after having a bachelor’s degree. Candidates must take the Law School Admissions Test. Students who want to become an attorney in elder law should apply to law schools that have classes about the legal rights of elders. 

Lawyers specializing in elder law can get certification via The National Elder Law Foundation. Also, to qualify for certification, lawyers must have three years of experience in elder law cases. Candidates must also have 45 hours of education and training.

Certified Elder Law Attorney

The CELA certification acknowledges lawyers that set the bar in supporting older clients’ needs. Elder law lawyers with a CELA certification have earned a top rate of expertise in this field. Here are a few things that you must do to achieve their certification:

  • Attorneys must have practiced elder law for at least five years
  • Proof of involvement in elder law practice and special needs issues
  • Lawyers should pass a day-long test
  • The candidate’s knowledge and expertise focus on elder law cases

Certified elder law lawyers may use this title to tell clients of their proficiency.

Common Elder Legal Issues

You will need an elder law counsel to create a plan to manage issues as you age. There are different cases for which older people may need legal services. Here are a few:

  • Estate Planning means having a will for your assets after your death
  • Will and Trust, often written on will paper, is the last will and testament that allow you to give instructions for who inherits your assets
  • Probate laws rule the settling of your estate after passing away
  • Asset Protection will support their possessions as they age or provide for their loved ones
  • Social Security Benefits can be the most beneficial source of funds for a retiree 
  • Medicare Planning to prevent paying higher premiums for health care
  • Incapacity Planning in case of injury or physical or mental illness 
  • Guardianship is if when they have no incapacity plans, then the court may set a guardian for the retiree
  • Long-Term Care Planning refers to picking a nursing home
  • Elder Abuse Laws help the elders who are vulnerable to abuse

These matters are intricate, and missteps can be costly. So you may need to have a deep review of the common issues to ensure you can become a proper elder law attorney. An elder law lawyer ensures there are consequences for those liable for abuse and fair settlements for victims.

Become a Reliable Lawyer in Elder Law

Lawyers in private or public practice can use the elder law training certificate programs to help vulnerable elders. To become a certified elder law attorney, aspirants must complete the CELA set by NELF. 

If you want to go into more detail about elder law and becoming a lawyer, consider browsing through our guides. We have plenty of other information and tips that you need to know!

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