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Did you know that the rose flower is around 35 million years old? Roses have been around for a long time, and humans have been gifting them to each other for centuries.

If you’ve ever been given a lush bouquet of roses, you know just how special these florals can make you feel. But were you aware that the color of your roses may have a deeper meaning than you might have expected?

The color of roses can symbolize everything from love, friendship, sympathy, and much more. Do you want to learn about the meaning behind rose color? Here, we’re sharing what each rose hue could mean!

Red Roses

Red roses have always been a traditional way to tell someone you love them. The deep red shades of the petals exude romance and desire, which is often why red roses are often gifted on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

If someone gives you red roses, that person wanted to let you know that they love you. Check out these roses online to share this message with someone in your life!

White Roses

White roses, often associated with weddings, symbolize new beginnings and elegance. Their creamy, pristine white petals pair gorgeously with the dark greenery of their stems and leaves, making them a popular decoration for wedding ceremonies.

If you’re given white rose bouquets, it’s safe to say that the sender wishes to have a new beginning in some sort of way.

Orange Roses

Orange roses boast bold, vibrant petals that grab the attention of any onlookers. These roses most commonly represent passion and gratitude, two strong emotions, and they are often gifted to those who are enthusiastic and generous.

Take it as a huge compliment if you are ever gifted orange roses.

Yellow Roses

What’s more beautiful and happy than a bouquet of bright yellow roses? Yellow roses symbolize friendship and care, so if you are given these flowers, you are loved dearly by a friend who cares very much.

These roses are often gifted throughout the spring and summer, when yellow matches the tone of the seasons.

Pink Roses

Not as eye-catching as red roses (however, just as beautiful), pink roses are associated with admiration and appreciation.

The soft hue of these flowers is a great way to show someone that you adore them, or that you appreciate what they’ve brought into your life.

Now You Know the Meaning Behind Rose Color

Whether you have been gifted red, orange, white, or a color in between, you should now have a better understanding of the meaning behind your beautiful bouquet of roses. In the future, you can use this guide to gift your own roses to someone special to let them know what they mean to you.

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