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If you’re a fan of 90s television then you’ve no doubt seen every episode of Home Improvement. This popular TV show aired from 1991 until 1999 and starred Tim Allen as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

If you consider yourself a 90s trivia expert then you might want to check whether or not you know these 7 fun facts about Home Improvement.

1. Pamela Anderson Was Not the First Choice

Despite Anderson’s mind-melting appearance and huge popularity during the 90s, she was not the first choice as the show’s Tool Time girl. Ashley Judd was the first choice.

However, after her audition, the team decided that Judd was too talented for the small role. They even created a new role for her as Tim’s sister. Ashley Judd turned down the role to pursue a movie career instead.

2. Brad Was Younger Than Randy

Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Randy who was the younger brother to Brad Taylor (Zachary Ty Bryan). However, in real life, Randy (Thomas) is one month older than Brad (Bryan).

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3. Wilson’s Full Name

Wilson was the next-door neighbor. His full face wasn’t revealed to audiences until the series finale curtain call. Wilson’s full name was Wilson W. Wilson.

Wilson’s character was based on a childhood neighbor of Tim Allen. Tim was too short to see over the fence so he never got to see his face.

Wilson was played by actor Earl Hindman who sadly passed away from lung cancer in 2003.

4. There Was a Video Game

The show had its very own video game entitled ‘Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit. It was very much like Sonic the Hedgehog but involved a pixilated Tim running around with a nail gun.

The game was released on the Super Nintendo in 1994. Like many retro games, it’s considered a collectible and can sell for up to almost $300.

5. The First-Lady Almost Appeared on the Show

The show even approached Hilary Clinton! In 1995 the show tried to get Hilary Clinton onboard. They even offered to shape the specific episode around Clinton’s wishes.

However, the White House replied by stating that appearing on a TV sitcom might just diminish the role of the First-Lady.

6. The Show Changed Its Name

The original title for the show was Hammer Time. Sound familiar? In 1990 MC Hammer released the hit single “U Can’t Touch This”, which contained the unforgettable lyric “Stop! Hammer time!”

As a result, the producers ditched the original title and came up with ‘Home Improvement’ and ‘Tool Time’ as alternatives.

How Good Is Your 90s Trivia?

If you’re a self-professed wizard of 90s trivia then you no doubt knew all of these facts about Home Improvement. The show had a huge place in pop culture. Its series final still sits in the top 10 most-watched series final list to date!

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