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Basketball is an interesting sport invented by college student James Naismith. It started in 1891 and when first introduced, the game rules were much different from what they are today.

Playing basketball today requires endurance, skill, and a love for the game. Keep reading for some interesting facts about basketball. There is a good chance you will learn something new. 

1. A Soccer Ball Was Originally Used

While it may sound strange today, basketball was first played using a soccer ball and peach basket.

Each time a basket was made, the referee had to fetch the ball. In the 1900s, the string basket was introduced, which eliminated the need for this.

Several years later, backboards came into play. They kept spectators from blocking player’s shots.

2. Longest Game Ever

The longest game ever in NBA history had six overtimes and lasted 78 minutes.

The game occurred on January 6, 1951, between the Rochester Royals and Indianapolis Olympians.

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3. Dribbling Wasn’t Allowed

Players weren’t allowed to advance the ball. Instead, every player had to throw the ball from where it was caught.

The first dribbling in a game was seen at an 1897 game played at Yale. The official allowance for dribbling, which was just one for each possession, was adopted four years after this.

Another famous basketball move seen today by all the best basketball teams, the slam dunk, was banned before the 1967-1968 season until the start of the 1976-1977 season.

4. It Was a Rougher Sport in the Beginning

In the early days of the game, basketball was a much rougher sport. The rules and regulations for the game were very different than what they are today (as mentioned above).

For example, when the ball went out of bounds, the referee would toss it into the court, and the team to get to it first gained possession.

This led to many players running toward the ball to get it, causing injuries.

In 1923, the rule was changed to make players safer. This also helped reduce play-related injuries.

5. Rules for the Net

There are rules for the basketball net that can be used. A cord basketball net can’t be less than 30 threads or more than 120. This is the official regulation size that all nets must abide by.

Fun Facts About Basketball

When it comes to facts about basketball, there are more than a few interesting ones out there to learn. Also, the basketball facts represent just a few of the interesting bits of information out there.

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