Eyewear trends to keep an eye out for in 2021 Eyewear trends to keep an eye out for in 2021

2020 is almost over, hooray, and with any luck the coming year will prove far less horrific than the one we’ve had.

This year has brought us unmeasurable heartache, due chiefly to the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all in ways we’d never have thought possible, and when the New Year’s Eve chimes in 2021 we’ll all be crossing our fingers for better times to come.

To help us usher in 2021, especially those of us who wear, either through choice or necessity, glasses, here are some tips to make sure you are ahead of the fashion curve when it comes to your choices in eyewear.

Eyewear Trends to Look for in 2021

1. Oversized Opticals Are Still In

There is a lot you can do with bigger rimmed glasses and many routes you can take down this fashionable foray. Chunky rims and oversized frames work very well for those with facial features to pull it off.

You can go for the geeky look, or down the ‘secretary-chic’ path and the oversized look also works well if you are opting for something of a retro feel to your glass wearing. 

Make sure to match your glasses to your outfit, failure to pair the two can lead to you falling between two stools but remember big is indeed beautiful. 

2. Matching Your Glasses to Your Facemask

While we may well be nearing the easy access to a vaccine to protect us from the COVID-19 virus it’s likely that we’ll be wearing a facemask for much of, if not all, of 2021 so why not try to make it a fashion statement.

Make sure your choice of eyewear matches the facemask you wear. Maybe you are feeling playful and your mask reflects this, in which case be sure to select the glasses that best complete the look.

Similarly if your mask shows the serious side of your character then pair the look with the glasses that best show this to the outside world.

3. Rectangle is So 2020

In other words, steer clear, this look frankly should never have become a ‘thing’ and the sooner we move on, the better. 

Those of us who invested in rectangle glasses in 2020 were duped. This was clearly not the wisest purchase of our lives, the look already looks so dated and very few of us managed to successfully pull off the look and it’s not a mistake that should be repeated in the new year.

4. Round IS the Shape for 2021

The classic round glass look will never go out of style and for 2021 it’s certainly going to be the way to go, especially for those who have the face shape to suit them. There are many great options when it comes to completing this look, you can shop here to find the best offers around.

5. Aviators Baby, Aviators!

There are some looks that never go out of fashion and others that come and go and the time of the Aviator look is definitely back with us. 

As far as working with your mood Aviators have the unique ability to work on many different levels. They can be worn well when you are going for the natural, easy-breezy look and can also finish off a high-fashion elegant look, a lot depends on what you wear to complement the Aviator glasses you select.

Here the devil is very much in the detailing. You can look to jazz up the Aviator look with a pair that has nice metalwork or tinted lenses, there is a lot of variation when it comes to the models available and as such the Aviator look can be very varied. 

Remember when it comes to wearing glasses, both for those who have to wear them and those who do so for fashionable reasons, it’s all about being natural.

Wearing glasses should not be, or look like, a chore. The act of wearing them should be simple but effective. Sometimes forcing the issue can be little more than a cry for attention, selecting the right glasses depends a great deal on what you are trying to communicate by your selection.

One thing we strongly recommend is to have a selection of three or four pairs, tried and tested options that you feel most comfortable with, that way you can dress your eyes according to your moods. 

Remember your eyes are a window to your soul so feel free to express yourself as freely as you wish. Don’t be afraid to take risks, they may just pay off!

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