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The end of summer is time to do or finish doing things we haven’t done during June and July for most of us. Usually, the August has a bit of nostalgic taste. It means that the weather will get colder, dawns will get later, and fall will come soon. The fall symbolizes studies for students that is why most of us start procrastinating this time, justifying ourselves with depression caused by fall time and rainy weather. But how can we preserve a harmony inside of us, without getting succumb to the depression? How to enjoy studying during holidays? How can we enjoy the end of holidays and simultaneously prepare ourselves to studies? The answer exists, and here the group of experts is ready to share pieces of advice with you!

Know When you are Busy

One of the most fundamental rules for getting ready to the beginning of the academic year is to organize your timetable. In order to set your time management, you have to know your schedule. At the end of the summer, most of the academic institutions share the schedule of upcoming classes. Set a chart of your schedule in a creative manner and hang it on the wall near your working place. If you see slots when you are busy, it gets easier for you to plan your free time.

Accurate Planning

Organize your timetable in such way that you always have enough time to sleep (8 hours is the best dose of healthy sleep for everyone), to work and to have a rest. Plan your timetable according to a fact that sometimes you have fixed work or events. You have to spend this time in a productive way, dedicating it to learning or researching something regardless of the situation. All in all, leave time slots for recreation or activities to be done for enjoyment.


Creating Inspiring Environment
The place where we study effects the way we do this in most cases. You can change your working environment by replacing your desk in the new place or decorate the studying spot to make it more inspiring. Even the minimum efforts, like buying a new lamp or cool writing set, can motivate you and inspire for learning.


Find a Studying Partner

This is almost a proven fact that after that you will be able to force yourself to learn. A friend of mine told me a story. Once she moved to a new apartment where all of her neighbors were bookworms – studious and hard-working people. It was impossible for her to waste time or procrastinate at the time when everyone was reading or writing something. This life example proves that finding a friend or a partner for studying is something that will turn the tedious study into a fun and easy process of learning something new. Learning with someone can be very useful to you, as it helps you to spur you on learning by comparing you notes or discussing academic topics together.


Award Yourself

There is no doubt that it is easy to lose motivation to study if you get no awards for your efforts. By giving yourself some kind of prizes for a completed passage, a written essay or homework by Edubirde here, learned poem is something that will amuse you in after the time of hard working.


Interactive Materials
The usage of interactive materials is one of the ways how to get into study mode and not to get bored at the end of the summer. There are dozens of online courses and educational platforms and applications you may use to refresh your memory and find out new information with fun and pleasure.


Create Posters

Still, it is summer, and there is little time to enjoy the end of summer holidays. Hence, how to get back into school and how to force yourself to study with pleasure? Create informative posters! You can summarize different learned concepts on them and simultaneously entertain yourself with something different from ordinary learning.

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