Tips to make your upholstery look clean Tips to make your upholstery look clean

The upholstery adorning your living room is one of the best features in the place. You bring them with a careful search, consider proper sizing, and colour coordinate with your room. But after some months, these appear soiled and even lose their charm (and luster!). We know it’s disheartening to see this even after vacuuming it daily. But like everything else, even the soft furnishing of your house asks for deep cleaning. And we have some fabulous tactics to make it look new again. Are you ready to know them?

The best tips to make your upholstery look pristine once again! 

Have you ever asked around – how to restore the lost shine of your upholstery? Perhaps, most people have directed you towards professional cleaners. But we know how much it costs. How about trying the tactics that we have listed for you below? Your upholstery will look better than before, and you won’t even have to shed a lot of money in this process.

1. Reading the cleaning information before starting any process –

 Each upholstery you buy has tags attached to them. These give you a brief idea about the best way to clean and maintain them. Some of these are vulnerable to detergents with high chemicals (and that is why you should avoid them). Some of these require an exclusively gentle cleansing. Ensure to read that detailed information carefully to treat your upholstery perfectly. Otherwise, you will use some harsh methods or inappropriate techniques that can steal the gleam of your upholstery. You will find some of the tags having only W specified over them. That means, only water-based cleaning is advised. While others might have an S tag, which means solvents are allowed.  If the tags read X, they allow vacuuming.

2. Vacuum the right way –

Using the vacuum in the right way is essential to treat your upholstery properly (while removing the dirt from it). Utilize this machine to get rid of pet hair, solid dust particles, and dirt (and even hidden waste at the farthest corners!). A single-handed vacuum cleaner would be most suitable to treat your upholstery. Start from the hidden corners then, slowly move ahead upwards. After this, move to the sides and the backside to ensure your upholstery is clean from all sides. Also, don’t forget the bottom, as you will find lots of hidden dust here as well.

3. Start with the spot treatment –

Do you see some stubborn stain on your upholstery? Start deep cleaning from here. Use a special detergent that helps in removing such stains and scrub it nicely. Remember, it should not contain any harsh and acid-based chemical, that can damage the fabric or colour of the upholstery. If you want a simple homely suggestion to clean this stain, try using vinegar and rubbing alcohol together for visible results in minutes.

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4. Use a steam upholstery cleaner for a deeper cleaning

One of the best ways to make your upholstery look new is by trying the steam-based technique to remove the stain and dirt on it. You can either treat the upholstery with hot water and then clean the entire furniture manually or get a steam upholstery cleaner from Steamaster. They stock many types of cleaning equipment that can save lots of hassle that otherwise goes in dealing with such untidy furnishings. With these techniques, you can get all the settled dirt out of the upholstery bringing back its natural shine and beauty.

Now you can get your upholstery clean in a jiffy, efficiently, and without much ado. But remember, after these steps, you need to dry them thoroughly. Without this essential finishing touch, the patches will remain on the fabric. Result? It will soon develop a nasty and irritating smell, taking away all your efforts. A little diligence, elbow grease, and patience – and you shall have sparkling upholstery!

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