Dealdash reviews Dealdash reviews

Whether you need new furniture, earrings, home decor, kitchen utensils – DealDash has the products you want at a fraction of the retail price. But how?

DealDash.com is an online auction site that allows you to compete for savings and products. All auctions start at $0 and each new bid raises the price by $0.01 and resets the timer to 10 seconds. This continues on until the timer runs out, meaning the final bidder wins the product.

You can buy bids for $0.20 cents, but they often go on sale for $0.12-0.15 and often have free-bid events. It’s free to sign up and you have a 90-day, money-back guarantee on your first order, meaning there’s little risk to giving it a try.

You can save money

DealDash is specifically a penny auction website  – a type of auction where anyone can bid on a product and only increase the bid by one cent. These particular sites are incredibly popular because even after 100 bids, the price of a product could only be $1. This means you have the potential to save up to 99 percent of the retail cost of many products.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be saving that amount of money every time. The final bidding price is often a fraction of the cost of the actual item, but the length of time the bidding goes on is what determines the final price. That means you could go from paying less than a dollar on an item to a respectable $26 (or more) on another. It all just depends on the day and how many bidders are making offers on a single item.

You won’t always lose out

If there’s a particular item you were really pining after but weren’t able to win, there’s a silver living with DealDash. If you want it that badly, you have the option to purchase items at the listed price and have it shipped to your home.

This way, if you find something unique and interesting, but lose out on the final bid, you don’t have to wonder “what if.” You do, however, lose out on not having to pay full price.

You can save on bids

Making the most out of DealDash has a lot to do with buying bids. You should aim to buy bids in small-to-moderate packages, ideally when they’re on sale to maximize profit. Luckily, sales on bids and free bidding events happen on a semi-regular basis with DealDash.

To stretch the use of your bids, you should keep track of how many bids your competitors are spending. This will give you a better idea of what strategy you should use to win a bid.

DealDash Reviews

One of the most interesting points about the auction site is they have a separate, dedicated page on Dealdashtips.com called DealDash Reviews. DealDash Reviews is dedicated specifically to featuring its customer’s feedback as well as articles including tips and other content.

DealDash Reviews offer prospective customers the opportunity to see what others’ experiences have been and gain insight into the site.

Saving on the cost of an item

It might seem too good to be true to win an auction for such a “big ticket” item such as a laptop or full linen bed set. You might even wonder how DealDash can afford to let such items go for a fraction of the price. It’s a fair question, but DealDash has an answer on their website.

The site claims it has direct relationships with brands, allowing them to purchase items in bulk. This enables them to get great deals on the price-per-item overall. The company also sells overstock and seasonal inventory for other brands, which allows them to save costs.

While you might not win the auction every time, DealDash.com has demonstrated positive reviews across multiple review platforms like Apple Apps or Google Play. If you want the opportunity to bid on some items on a trusted auction site, DealDash.com is a good place to start.