Cheapest cities in spain to buy housing Cheapest cities in spain to buy housing

Spain is a country that attracts both travelers and investors from all over the world. Here a warm climate and a colorful life are visited for. There is an opinion that cheap housing is impossible to buy in southern Europe, but we want to dispel this myth and invite you to familiarize yourself with apartments for sale in Alicante and the five most inexpensive cities for buying real property in Spain. Read, select!

1. Lleida

The average price tag in this city is 1027€ / m2, and it is the cheapest town in Spain to buy an apartment.

There are 12 districts in Lleida, the city has other advantages in addition to housing prices, such as:

  • Nature that captivates at first sight.
  • Mediterranean cuisine with traditional dishes: Girella, baked escargot (snails), Recapte cake and so on.
  • A varied program of entertainment, an abundance of museums and galleries, regular events.
  • Low unemployment rate relative to many other cities in the country.

It is quiet and peaceful here: if you are not interested in bars and clubs, we recommend choosing Lleida.

2. Castellón de la Plana

Castellón de la Plana is the capital of the Castellón province, located north of the Valencian Community.

This is a city with affordable housing prices: the average price per square meter! is 1,063€ / m2.

And here are a few more advantages of Castellón de la Plana:

  • It is a small city, convenient in terms of movement, with an understandable location of streets.
  • Costa del Azajar, one of the most beautiful places in Spain, is located here.
  • It is inexpensive to live here in terms of services, shopping, food.
  • The city combines a maritime climate and a resort lifestyle with tranquility and conciliation.
  • There is a large multidisciplinary university.


3. Murcia

The average price of housing in Murcia is 1.077€ / m2. At the same time, Murcia is a fairly large city, which is famous for its calm atmosphere as well. It is not fussy here, no one is in a hurry, and the citizens are rather careless about their work. Proximity to the sea and gorgeous beaches are why Murcia makes fall in love at first sight.

4. Huelva

Surprisingly, in Andalusia, you can also find an apartment that corresponds to the concept of “low-budget”. To do this, choose a property in Huelva, where the average price per m2 is 1104€ / m2.

Here are some advantages of living in Huelva:

  • Culture and traditions are part of the city’s daily life.
  • There is no fuss in the city.
  • From spring to mid-autumn, bright holidays and festivities are held.
  • This is where the best Spanish seafood comes from.
  • Proximity to Portugal.

5. Teruel

Teruel is a municipality located south of Aragon. It is a rural charming region fascinating with a leisurely lifestyle. The average price per square meter in the residential sector is 1.108€.

Life in Teruel is significantly cheaper than in Barcelona and Madrid when it comes to prices for transport, food, gasoline and entertainment.

Also, the following factors can be the advantages of living in Teruel for you:

  • Teruel is attractive for investment.
  • The municipality has many beautiful cities.
  • Valencia and Zaragoza are close by.
  • The architectural solutions in the cities of Teruel are original, and the cities themselves are attractive to tourists.

Assistance in the selection of real property in Spain

Living in Spain can be attractive, even if you are interested in the low-budget property category. And in order to find the most attractive housing variants, we recommend you to contact Spain-Real.Estate. Use the company’s website to preliminarily familiarize yourself with the existing variants, and after choosing, contact the specialists and find out as many details as possible about each property.

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