Face off- change your inner self Face off- change your inner self

How many times have you changed your personality?

How many times have you given up your true self for the sake of others?

How many times have you realized that you are behaving exactly the opposite of what you were yesterday?

Questions like these seem simple to answer but no matter how hard you try, you never turn up with an answer. The Reason – probably you haven’t thought about these at depth or you have a dynamic personality. Either be the case, these so called small or unimportant things affect your lives considerably and also the lives of those around you. Hardly people realize that these small changes you incorporate in your daily self, go way too far with you. In some cases, they can change your lives altogether. You might feel better with your ‘New Self’ but then, is it really your Best?

We Change Places, We Change Roles. We have Alter-egos. “We Change Ourselves“. But the thing to be kept in mind is, are you doing it the right way? Mixing two behaviors is a commonplace phenomenon and leads to a mess always.
For instance, a Boss being rude with his employees might work in Office but the same person being rude with his children/wife at home might affect his relationship with them considerably. In some cases, people believe that changing their outer-self is the solution to their inter-personal problems. But, what if you haven’t changed your inner self ? The outer-self is a mere facade which would fall off one day.

In the end, don’t be afraid of Facing your real self before it gets too late. Face it Off and make your Life better. Changing your Inner-Self with the Changing needs of the society will solve many off your problems but wearing another Mask won’t help it.

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