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Mismatched Bridal Sets – The Nightmare Scenario

It’s your wedding day, and the height of the ceremony is the exchanging of your wedding rings. The nightmare scenario is that as the wedding ring slips over your finger, it strikes you that it just doesn’t look good alongside your engagement ring. This uneasy feeling could color your big day, cast a shadow on the photographs, and come back to you at least once a year on your wedding anniversary.  With forethought and research, imagination and expert advice, this need never happen to you.

Select Both Rings At The Same Time

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Jewelers fashion exquisite matching bridal sets in which the engagement ring displays a design which is stunning solo, then the wedding band completes it to more than double its effect.  These rings are crafted so that not only do the precious metals and the gemstones work together, but also the very contours of the rings allow signature stones in one to sit comfortably among supporting stones in the other. By making these decisions early, you not only prevent disappointment on your part on the auspicious day, but also anticipate the wonder of your friends and family when they finally see the full effect of the completed set.


How To Let Your Diamonds Shine Out: Shaping and Contouring

The diamonds and other gemstones engagement rings are adorned with generally go beyond the ring’s width, sometimes way beyond.  You don’t want your engagement ring to obscure or overpower your wedding band, so it is well worth your while to gain an awareness of the possibilities shaping and contouring hold for creating your ideal bridal set. A gently contoured wedding band will sit snugly alongside an engagement ring set with substantial stones and easily hold its own. More dramatically contoured bands such as V shaped, or wishbone rings will accommodate engagement rings graced with larger stones.

Precious Metals: Mixing and Matching

The rings in your bridal set should be wrought from precious metals, but there is nothing to say they need be the same metal. If you adore gold, your yellow gold engagement ring can be complemented with a rose gold wedding ring. Jewellers have used all three colours of gold together in standalone rings since their craft has allowed it.  It is advisable you match the grade of the gold you choose, as a 9 carat ring ages differently to an 18 carat one, and this is not pleasing. Similarly, platinum and palladium work well when contrasted and complement each other with style and elegance; so, just because your engagement ring is fashioned from palladium, doesn’t mean you can’t survey a huge range of platinum diamond wedding rings to find its worthy peer.

Sizes Matter – Choose Your Diamonds Wisely

Be aware of the four Cs of the diamond trade – carat, colour, clarity, and cut. Your engagement ring is likely to have at least one larger central stone mounted on it, and quite likely a number of shoulder or supporting stones around it. Be sure to wear it when looking for the wedding ring to accompany it so that the stones inlaid in both give an impression of balance. You may delight in contrasting an angularly cut diamond in one ring with a more curvedly cut stone in the other. Making these choices wisely will prevent your rings clashing where they should be in union.

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