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Who says that birthdays have to stop being fun when you get older? You’re never too old for a special day to be a blast.

Have you taken on the task of planning someone’s birthday bash? Good for you. Giving your friends a big party is a great way to make them feel special and celebrated.

However, maybe you’re a bit nervous. Perhaps this is your first time planning a party and you’re worried things will go wrong and the big day will be ruined.

Don’t worry. These birthday party planners will give you all the birthday party planning tips you need.

Have a Party Theme

Bands For Hire recommends having a party theme. This will be what everything including decor, catering, and dress code hinges on.

Some adult birthday party themes include Hollywood night, a masquerade ball, an 80’s tribute, a 50’s diner, a murder mystery, etc. These themes are age-appropriate and a lot of fun. This will give the person of the hour a day they will never forget.

Pick a Good Venue

Pick a venue that is ideal for your party’s theme. A bowling alley, a restaurant, someone’s home, or a neighborhood center can be great venues for themed parties.

Or perhaps you’re aiming for an outdoor party. A nice field with trees or a beach can be nice in such a situation, but even one’s backyard can make for a beautiful venue.

Make sure when you book a venue you do it well in advance, have an idea how many people are coming, make sure the venue can accommodate those people, and make sure it’s appropriate for the theme. 

Book a Catering Company

Order a catering company that offers theme-appropriate food. For example, if the theme is a 50’s diner theme, burgers and fries are a good choice for food. A murder mystery party on the other hand may be better with servers with finger food trays.

And on the topic of food, Renata Stone of Barebone urges you to use the right dinnerware for the occasion. Disposable paper plates are fine for a kid’s pizza party, but for an adult party real plates should be used for a sense of elegance.

Book Entertainment

If you’re hosting an 80’s party, hire a rock band that can dress up with Bon Jovi-style wigs and plays 80’s rock. If it’s a masquerade ball, maybe a small quartet for ballroom dancing. Just make sure that this entertainment fits the theme and is within your budget.

Set Up the Decor

Get all the decor you need for the party. Get the checkered tablecloths for your 50’s diner party. Or get the masks you need for the masquerade ball.

If your theme is a little more casual, say an outdoor picnic, then white tablecloths at the seating areas will be fine. Consider adding string lights and candles for ambiance. 

There are many other aspects to consider for how to plan a birthday party, such as hiring a photographer, picking a party hashtag to make the guest of honor feel like a trending star, etc. However, all of these tips alone should make the event one that the person and all the attendees will remember.

Birthday Party Planners

These tips from birthday party planners are a sure way to help you plan a party that will make someone’s birthday their best ever. Follow these tips and turn someone’s birthday into a big event.

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