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There’s no worse feeling than walking out to your car to drive to work and realizing it’s been broken into. That is until you remember that you don’t have insurance.

Your window’s shattered, your GPS and stereo system has been stolen, and they also pried their way into the trunk. Unfortunately, because you’re not insured, there’s nothing you can do about it.

As studies show that only 10% of burglary cases are solved, there’s likely nothing the police can do about it either.

Perhaps by now, you are understanding why insurance is important.

If not, follow along for our top 7 reasons!

Why Insurance is Important

To understand further, let’s take a look at the most common types of insurance and why each of them is important. Additionally, we’ll look at why insurance is important for day to day life!

1. The Importance of Home Insurance

Home insurance is important for multiple reasons.

First, your home is stationary. If a hail storm or hurricane is coming, you can’t just pick it up and move. Whatever happens, your house must endure it.

Replacing house roofs, windows, and siding is expensive. Do you really want to cover that out of pocket?

2. The Importance of Car Insurance

If you’re wondering why insurance is important for your car, think about this: just because you’re a fantastic driver, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

You can’t control other factors on the road, nor can you control whether or not your car gets broken into.

Car insurance will cover the costs, depending on your coverage. For example, Jeremy Hicks State Farm insurance providers can get you the best coverage you’re qualified for, never leaving you high and dry.

3. The Importance of Health Insurance

Many people make the mistake of assuming their immune to hospitalization. Whether it’s an illness, injury, or something completely traumatic, you don’t want to pay for your own hospital bills.

In fact, some people actually delay seeking necessary medical attention because they’re afraid of the bill!

4. The Importance of Life Insurance

The importance of insurance is incredibly poignant when it comes to life insurance. The last thing any of us want to do is die unexpectedly. That’s especially true if it means leaving our loved ones in a sticky financial situation.

Life insurance helps take care of our loved ones when we’re no longer here to do it.

5. Insurance Requirements for Lenders

Many banks and other lending companies require you to have insurance before they invest in you. The reason is that they want their investment to be protected.

For example, you will likely be unable to get a loan to build a new home without insurance.

6. Insurance for Peace of Mind

A simple reason why insurance is important is that it offers us peace of mind. Driving down the road, building a new home, or setting up a new business, it’s nice to know you’re covered.

7. Insurance Keeps You Moving Forward

In the event that you need to call in your insurance for an accident or emergency, being insured allows you to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.

Imagine totally out your car and not having insurance. Most people can’t pay for a new car out of pocket. Not everyone would even be able to get approved for another car loan if their destroyed car is still being paid for.

Insurance keeps things moving.

Don’t Risk It

We know paying for monthly insurance can be a chore, no matter how cheap it is! However, don’t risk financial devastation because of hospital bills, car accidents, or seasonal home damage.

Don’t wait for the world to show you why insurance is important!

If you need insurance, we can help you take care of it today!

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