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Over the past twenty years, clothing sales have doubled in the United States— and it isn’t because the population suddenly became interested in haute couture.

“Fast Fashion” production trends have meant that clothing options in stores are consistently lower quality than in the past. Production facilities put workers in back-breaking, low-wage positions to produce these disposable garments, destroying ecosystems in the process. Meanwhile, most garments are only worn once. 

If you’re sick of organizing a closet full of poorly made garments, it’s time to consider pre-owned clothes. We’ve created this guide to explain five ways thrifted clothes can transform your style, budget, and world.

Read on to learn the perks of rocking secondhand clothes. 

1. Saves You Money

While the quality of the clothing in stores is decreasing, the prices haven’t changed. Why are you still paying full price to wear a dress once? When you step into a thrift store, you’ll find clean garments other people wore once, and you’ll pay half the price. 

2. Get a Brand Upgrade

Some people make a living as resellers. These individuals comb through the offerings at secondhand stores, looking for treasures so they can sell them online for a premium. They scoop up luxury brands, garments new with tags, and pieces made with high-quality, sustainable materials such as leather. 

The truth is, anyone can get lucky and find second hand designer clothes right on the shelves. If you make thrifting clothes a practice, you’ll discover hidden gems constantly. It’s a great way to add high-end staple pieces to your wardrobe.

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

Every piece of clothing on a thrift store’s shelves isn’t in the trash, and that’s a triumph. Humans discard 92 million tons of clothing-related waste annually. While governments burn many of these products (which isn’t great for the air quality), many of them end up in landfills. 

Additionally, most garments in secondhand shops already have had the tags removed. That reduces an additional source of plastic waste.

4. Keep It in the Community

Many thrift shops, secondhand stores, and upcycling shops are community businesses. Instead of supporting major corporations harming communities overseas, you’re helping your neighbors and stimulating your local economy. Find out if your local secondhand store participates in any charity initiatives so you can feel even better about what you buy. 

5. Become a Style Icon

Anyone can find a great clothing piece at their local department store. Truly original fashion is innovative and doesn’t rely strictly on the latest trends. When you shop secondhand, you’ll find garments that nobody in your life has in their closet, helping you stand out and build outfits unlike anyone else. 

Pre-Owned Clothes, First Class Style

Why do pre-owned clothes have such a negative reputation? Thrifting clothing can save you cash, save the planet, and revitalize your wardrobe right in your own community. Once you start, you won’t want to go back to buying clothes off the rack!

Are you looking for more trending tips about achieving the latest trends for less? Check out the rest of the blog for more fashion content that’ll keep you looking fly on a dime. 

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