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If you don’t like walking a dog or cleaning up after cats, an aquarium full of fish could be the ideal pet situation for you. Freshwater aquariums require a little know-how to understand the tank, filtration, and aquarium refugium. However, fish don’t require walks for exercise, entertainment, or expensive trips to the vet. 

Keep reading to learn about the best freshwater aquarium fish.

1. Goldfish

An everyday, common goldfish is an ideal first fish for your freshwater tank. They can adapt to changes within the tank or the water, but make sure they’re the only species in your tank. Goldfish eat anything (plant or fish) that fits in their mouth. 

2. Tetras

These small schooling fish are fun to watch and easy to keep. Because they love living in a school, make sure you have at least six tetras in your tank. 

3. Betas

The Siamese Fighting Fish (or betta) gets its name because these fish don’t play well with other bettas. However, bettas are beautiful, resilient fish, and easy to keep—just be sure your betta is the only one in the tank. 

4. Guppy

Guppies are popular for the ease of care and gorgeous appearance, but parent guppies tend to eat their young. If you have baby guppies, put them in a separate tank. 

5. Zebrafish

Zebrafish are small, easygoing, and fun to watch swim in schools. Zebrafish can mix with other types of fish, but be careful about mingling fish that each zebrafish for dinner.

6. Oscars

If you want a fish that can earn its supper, you need an oscar. They’re smart and can learn tricks with the right training. Oscars can grow large, and they don’t mix well with other species. Give them their own tank with room to grow. 

7. Mollies

Mollies need at least a 20-gallon tank for ideal conditions. They grow to between three and four inches and are an omnivorous species of fish. Mollies are peaceful and adapt well to changes in tank water conditions. 

8. Platies

These fish are no trouble to care for and come in a variety of colors. Platies are excellent community fish. Choose your favorite color platies to add to a tank of mollies and guppies. 

9. Swordtails

While not truly “exotic,” swordtail fish can add an exotic look to your fish tank. They come in a variety of colors with a dramatic “swordtail” to make them interesting fish for your tank. 

10. Killifish

Choose from over 700 varieties of killifish for the perfect addition to your tank. They play well with other fish and adapt easily to changing conditions. 

11. Plecostomus

Your plecostomus can live up to twenty years, so prepare yourself for a long-term companion. They’ll earn their keep by eating the algae in your tank. 

The Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish Make Great Pets!

The best freshwater aquarium fish thrive in a clean tank with the right type of food. Plus, they make excellent low-maintenance pets for the on-the-go pet lover! Take a vacation without worrying about leaving your fish behind. 

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