You are a masterpiece You are a masterpiece

In today’s fast life and in this continuously growing world, the ratio of depression is increasing day by day and competition is getting replaced by some serious issues which are dragging people into an endless darkness where they are completely losing themselves and there’s no scope of escaping.
Oh! I wish I was a little slimmer, I wish I was the project leader in place of him, I wish I was a little fairer, I wish I was like her/him.. Thousands of people, millions of wishes which lead them to disappointments! If I talk about us – the youngsters, every second person is disappointed and having inferiority complex with a sigh of being and living someone else’s life. Every other person is not happy with his own self and is busy comparing his life with others. And may be the person whom you want to be like, would be wishing to be you!
In this world full of competition, the ratio of envy, jealousy, disappointments, depression and many such negative things, is constantly increasing and are more than enough to destroy you completely.
All of us might have heard that “The God has created you and he doesn’t create waste”. So, believe in yourself. Identify your potential. Focus on your strengths and use them against your weaknesses. Yes, every one of us have some weaknesses, some imperfections, That doesn’t mean you are good for nothing! We need to have some modifications in our mindsets and there we go! First of all we have to stop comparing ourselves with others to be the best version of ourselves. Yes, you can observe someone and learn something good which can help you be a better individual. But comparing things leads you to the world of negativities, it makes you vulnerable and ultimately never a happy being.
The eternal happiness is waiting for us if we just let go off some habits such as comparing and envying, and accept ourselves as we are. But that doesn’t mean we stop learning and improving things about ourselves. Accepting your flaws is the first step toward correcting them, self-analysis is needed. We must accept that no one’s born perfect and has to learn here. I believe is, a little bit of self obsession is needed to carry yourself distinctly and also for our mental well-being. Observe yourself and you will come to realize that you are good at so many things and keep going keeping these things in mind. Don’t push yourself but motivate yourself. Believe in yourself.

You are a masterpiece which is yet to be explored by your own self.

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