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There’s a lot of negativity and sadness in the world right now. The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus is frightful, and constantly worrying about it can cause more stress which is ultimately bad for your health. 

We could all use some positivity so we’ve put together a list of 5 uplifting stories to brighten your day. We guarantee that these stories will make you forget about the worries of the world, and will put a smile on your face. 

So sit back, and let’s get into some good news! 


Drive-In Concert for Essential Workers 

Music is beneficial for many things and one of those benefits is its healing powers. It can help calm anxiety, which a record number of people admit to be suffering from during this time. 

Our new normal has made it difficult to experience live music but some artists have gotten creative with their approach. As a way to give back to her community, R&B songstress Kehlani partnered with Audi and held a free drive-in concert for essential workers. 

Essential workers were able to experience the concert by sitting in brand new cars provided by Audi. People were able to dance around the cars and let go of their every day worries. 

For 45-minutes, Khelani helped people forget about all that’s going on, made them feel special, and brought them joy through her gift of song. 


Skid Row Makeovers 

Over the last three years, Shirley Raines has dedicated her life to giving back to the homeless through her organization Beauty 2 The Streetz

She provides showers, makeup, clothing, and hairstyling to the women and reminds them that even though they may be experiencing a tough time, that they are still beautiful and worthy. 

COVID-19 has changed her approach, but her mission is still the same. She continues to go out and help them combat coronavirus by providing meals, toiletries, and masks. 

For the people of skid row, Raines gives more than just makeovers, she provides a safe space for them to be seen and valued. 


Singing in the Rain 

Social distancing wasn’t enough to stop this love story!

Ed Oliver Bohld hadn’t been able to visit his girlfriend due to the pandemic so he found a creative way to express his love. He recently visited his girlfriend’s assisted living center on a rainy day to serenade her with the song, “You are my Sunshine.” 

This tender moment shows that when it comes to love, no barriers are strong enough to stop it. 


Innovation Through Inclusion 

Roivant Sciences is not only committed to getting medicine to patients as quickly as possible, but they’re also passionate about providing an inclusive work environment.

They empower their employees and embrace people’s differences which in turn helps them continue to achieve innovation. They’re a true example of individuals being more powerful together than apart. 


Delivery Dogs 

COVID-19 has increased the need for food deliveries and one brewery business in New York has taken a fun approach to how customers receive their orders. 

The Long Island-based, Six Harbors Brewing Company is bringing peoples’ beer to their doorsteps with the help of two delivery dogs. These dogs, named Buddy and Barley, are bringing more than just beer but they’re bringing smiles. 

Customers enjoy having that little bit of interaction with the dogs and it’s a pleasant surprise for them to be greeted with happy dogs and ice-cold beer. 


Look for More Uplifting Stories 

It can be hard to believe it, but uplifting stories are all around us despite the world’s current circumstances. We hope that these stories took your mind off of things and we challenge you to look for more of these stories every day. 

While it’s important to be aware of current events, don’t forget to look for the positivity! 

Let us know some uplifting stories that you’ve come across in the comments below! 

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