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Did you know that people are making more phone calls now than they did in the past?

Just when some thought instant messenger and email would replace phone calls, it’s been proven that a call is one of the best ways to communicate with someone effectively.

Are you thinking about an office phone booth for the convenience of your staff? Keep reading to learn all about how to choose the best office phone booth.

Types of Office Phone Booths

If you want the best office phone booth, you should assess your office needs first. After all, there is a range of different types of phone booths that have their unique benefits.

For instance, there are spacious ones that could fit two or more people inside with the utmost comfort. If you’re pressed for space, you can get a classic toll booth for a single person who can either sit or stand.

Smell the Inside

While looking at a phone booth for the office, be sure to ask about the materials used to make it. If you’re shopping in person, then be sure to smell the inside of the phone booth. Anything that smells weird could be a red flag.

This is because cheap phone booths are made with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. To be more specific, you’ll find these toxins in the felt material that aids in sound-proofing the phone booth. The last thing you’d want to do is expose your workers to hazardous chemicals, so make sure the one you get doesn’t smell weird.

The Style of Door

If you’re still wondering how to choose a phone booth, you should also keep the type of door in mind. Fans of the classic Superman will know that he goes inside of a phone booth with an exterior folding door. This can be a fun way to empower your employees familiar with the iconic changing scene from the movies.

Alternatively, you could get an office phone booth with a sliding door. This can come in handy when space is of the essence. In smaller offices, an exterior folding door could end up hitting someone who is walking by.

The Lighting

While looking over the phone booths at TalkboxBooth.com, don’t forget to think about lighting.

Phone booths have artificial lights in them, but others also have a sky roof that can allow natural light to get inside. Your employees would appreciate the green option.

Ready to Get an Office Phone Booth?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to choose the best office phone booth, you can make sure that everyone can get in contact with whoever they need to. That way, your business can run like a well-oiled machine.

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